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10 Majestic Destinations to experience in Monsoon in Rajasthan

The first drops of rain in Rajasthan When Rajasthan is the first drops of rain, then Rajasthan invites relief. The wings of the fort are welcomed by rain, like waiting for helplessly for this incident along the dry river. Nature, landscape and people, everyone is welcome to unite in this season.

Naturally, monsoon is the best time to visit Rajasthan. Not only does the whole state look fresh, but the environment creates weather for some great tourist destinations. This blog brings you the best monsoon destinations for your trip to Rajasthan. Ready steady go!

Narlaai– Narlaai is a beautiful village between Jodhpur and Udaipur, and shows the villagers in Rajasthan the best way. During the monsoon season, due to the excellent experiences of this place, tourists’ population is witness to the population. Go for a jeep safari and catch the wonderful ideas of deer, leopards and capitals. Visit the various handicraft centers and testify to the local people about making textile and tourism. Trek around the area or visit Lord Shiva and Adinath Temples.

Bundi– Bundi is another great destination for Hindus in Rajasthan during the monsoon season. It is known for receiving the highest rainfall in the state of Rajasthan. Of course, when in Bundi, someone should be taken to Taragarh, which is worn, it is magnificent and is dubbed in history. Bundi Palace, which is remarkable for its frescoes and statues, is another place worth travel. For some quiet and peaceful moments, head for Naval Sagar lake.

Mandawa– Located in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, Mandwa is another favorite tourist spot to go to Rajasthan. The entire area, rising from the rain, welcomes very much. Wonderful paintings in Mandamiya Mansion and wonders on the open air art gallery at Mandwa Palace. Spend some time in Goenka Double Mansion.

Jaipur -The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur city also suggests that for the tourist activities during monsoon, the best places in Rajasthan are looking for? Well, you’re in the right place! The capital city of Jaipur is presenting Rajasthan. The arrival of monsoon is celebrated with a festival named Teej Festival.It is celebrated by most married women, it is an opportunity to dress in traditional clothes and worship Goddess Parvati. Both visitors and locals are treated equally as a procession with a wonderful performance in which there is a statue of “Teej Mata”.

Ranakpur– Ranakpur situated in the heart of Aravallis, is the place where you want to merge spirituality with tourism. A bizarre city in Rajasthan, it is considered an important pilgrim center for Jain. It is worth visiting the Ranakpur Jain Temple for a whole year including monsoon. Marvel on architectural talent Around 1444 pillars can be found within the temple, each person is different from the other in terms of their design and art.

Bhainsrorgarh– Rain clouds dance through the beautiful forests of Chambal, and a castle is sitting on the Vernanda, you make this spectacular scene appear in front of your eyes. This is really the experience experience that you are waiting for in the Bhansargarh fort, which is located on the rock near the Chambal river inclined. Here is the best experience of monsoon.

Udaipur– When Udaipur, “Venice of the East” and “The City of the Lakes” are raining, romance can feel blooming in mind. One of the best places to observe the monsoon palace is “Monsoon Palace” gentleman Palace Palace “Apart from this, anyone should go to Taj Lake Palace and City Palace. Some lakes also become special attractions during the monsoon season.

Mount Abu– The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu, is marked by an ambient climate throughout the year. However, during monsoon, the beauty of the area is brought to light. The sight of the greenery, soaking around the mountains with the blurred mountains in the background, is simply commendable. Apart from this, this time it is ideal to join in adventure activities like bird activities, nature walks, or just stroll. Sure lake and Dilwara Jain temple are worth visiting at two places.

Pushkar– Pushkar city is known for its magnificent opportunities for its lakes, beautiful vistas and desert camps. It is the best destination for going to Rajasthan during the monsoon season. Aware of the beautiful voices of a peacock, riding the morning camel or traveling to the market with activity, monsoon Pushkar performs best. Apart from this, this is the perfect time to enjoy Rajasthani dishes while listening to live folk songs.

Keoladeo – If you become a bird lover, then Keoladeo National Park, also called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, is where you should go. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is home to about 375 species of beautiful birds, besides attracting birds from places like Tibet, China, Europe and Siberia. However, it makes this a highly recommended destination for the Rajasthan trip in the monsoon season.It is also the advent of migratory birds. Two popular people are migratory waterfowl and Siberian cranes.

Reasons to go to Rajasthan during monsoon

Away from the crowd – Many people do not like to go to Rajasthan during the monsoon. Therefore, if you prefer the luxury of privacy during your holidays, then it is time.

Meet with the locals – Monsoon season is celebrated by local people with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Join the celebration and chat with the locals, if you want to look closely at people’s culture and lifestyle.

Rain is raining – do not go to Rajasthan and experience the royal lifestyle which experiences living in one of the heritage hotels. However, during the monsoon season, they provide huge discounts for the guests staying with the guests. Hold that spot, and now book Best Rajasthan tour packages !