12 Best Online Tools For Small Business

A successful online business usually goes through a process. Keeping the success of the business for a very long time would require some more processes. One should innovate, strategize, look for more opportunities and seek out new trends that will keep the business on top or at least profitably going.

Finding tools that will keep a business doing well online is not as hard as you think it is. Whether you have money and investments to spare or lacking in funds, you can find a tool that will help you improve as an entrepreneur and keep your business growing.

This includes the 12 best online tools for small business according to the top entrepreneurs in the business.

1. hPage

hPage is a leading website creation platform. Customers all over the world use pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop editors to create websites using hpage. With more than 2 million websites created, this all-in-one platform provides you everything that is needed to run your online business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or are an established brand; the powerful platform helps your business website grow. Use this free website builder to stand out with a professional website, portfolio, or online store.

2. Text Expander for Chrome

Cutting off a few minutes and saving time in doing your online tasks allows you to do more in a day. This online tool, TextExpander available for Chrome users can help you create custom keyboard shortcuts. Several minutes saved thanks to these shortcuts can give you a couple of extra hours for rest or attend to your other business activities.

3. Schedule Once

Having a hard time keeping and sticking with a schedule? ScheduleOnce can help you hook up with a very personalized calendar to help you keep up with your schedule at all times. Never miss a deadline or an appointment with this handy app that will help you with scheduling your business’ daily activities.

Online Tools For Small Business

4. You Need A Budget

Your budget and all in one accounting and legal software can be found in one place. This website is perfect for all including individuals and small businesses. You can also track your income, debt, expenses and more for a small amount. The intuitive and aesthetically appealing interface makes the task even easier for you to handle.

5. Skype

Whatever your wifi plans may be, Skype remains as one of the most effective and preferred choices for communication and exchange of data online. Skype, now owned by Microsoft is considered as the leader in VOIP calling. It can be used to communicate 24/7 to clients, colleagues and other entrepreneurs like you. Screen sharing is one of the coolest features; you get to enjoy with Skype.

6. Rapportive

Managing your emails and correspondences might be a big task for you as well. Rapportive is a free Gmail plug-in that transforms your sidebar into a shortcut where you can see relevant details of the person you are corresponding with. You will see a picture, their location, and other social media links as well as your past conversations with them. Guessing email addresses for strangers using common email structures can be done and confirmed by a name and picture appearing on the right side once you get a match.

7. Canva

Do you want the look of professionally designed graphics for your blog or marketing materials without the cost or the expertise? Canva is the perfect tool for the job. You can simply use pre-formatted templates to create and design social media banners, blog graphics, marketing flyers, and so much more. Canva will make your amateur, no-budget marketing effort and make you look like a pro.

8. Paypal

Are you wondering how you can receive payments online? Paypal offers easy online credit and debit card transactions as well as recurring payments with no sign-up cost and no direct fee.

9. Google Cloud

Google Cloud is just the perfect tool for backing up your files, documents, images, and other content. Moreover, you can easily integrate it with other Google apps to never lose track of your archive files.

10.Google My Business

Google offers businesses a free profile to help you connect with your customers. You can use Google My Business to post hours, location, and pricing information, and share pictures. All this information will show up for your audience in Google’s search results.

Having a complete Google My Business profile will help your website’s overall SEO ranking.


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12. Docracy

Docracy is an open source collection of legal documents and can save you thousands of dollars on attorney’s charges. You’ll want to get those documents reviewed by a professional when you are financially ready for it, but using Docracy is better than having no contract at all.

They Docracy also offers free digital signing of legal documents, thereby cutting down expensive subscription services for getting client contracts signed. They cover legal documents from employment contracts to basic service agreements.

We hope this resource list will help you take your business to new heights.

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