Tuesday, October 11

200 Years Old Museum In Blaze

The Rio de Janeiro Museum, which happened to be the National Museum of Brazil, went ablaze today 3rd September, 2018. The museum went down with over 200 years of research, knowledge and history. The loss incurred amounts to about 200 million archaeological artifacts which have been carefully selected and gathered over the years.

The fire at the oldest museum in Brazil broke out after the museum closed on Sunday and kept burning late into the night. Fortunately though, there has been no report of deaths or injuries on anyone. But many of the skeletal remains ever found in and around America have been lost.

President Michel Temer, the Brazilian President lamented on his twitter that it was indeed a sad day for Brazilians as two hundred years of work of research and knowledge were lost. Meanwhile, workers at the National Museum continued to blame the fire outbreak on the lack of adequate resources and proper funding.  It was gathered that for years, governments have left the museum, allowing it to fall into despair.

Citizens at the scene of the incident however could not hide their indignation and  kept blaming the government as to why the irreplaceable research items had be left to burn down because of the lack of funds.

As at the time of gathering this news, the cause of the fire outbreak has not been determined. But occurrence like this may likely not happen again in future, as it was gathered that the museum had recently closed a deal for funds with the BNDES – The National Bank for Economic and Social Development .One of which includes a fire protection project.