Monday, October 10

4 Reasons Why Dubai Marina is better Than Dubai Creek


Ask any local resident of Dubai about Dhow cruise trips and dinners and they will tell you that they have moved on to other things but it is still a great attraction for tourists from around the globe. If you are tourist who want to enjoy a dinner on a cruise, you have two options. One is Creek and other one is Marina.

Which one you should choose largely depends on your preferences. If you want to explore the historic side of Dubai then, dhow cruise creek might be a better option but if you want to see the latest architectural marvels in their full glory, dhow cruise Dubai marina is an ideal choice.

In this article, you will learn about four reasons why taking a dhow cruise trip to Marina is better than Creek.

1. Quality

For a business executive who wants a premium experience on dhow cruise, marina is a much better option. The prices are on the higher side but so does the quality. Everything from the cruise to staff to cuisine is top class and exudes higher quality. On the contrary, you can get a dhow cruise creek for as low as 65 AED which is cheap considering the staff salaries, cruise maintenance and other expenses but you have to compromise on the quality of service too. If you have a budget, it is highly recommended to go for Marina, as it delivers a much better overall experience.

2. Novelty

If you are looking for something new then, booking a dhow cruise marina is a better option. With the route covering newer, more advanced architecture combined with an overall improved experience, you get better value for your money. Marina is also a excellent options for first time tourists who wants to see something that they have not seen before.

There is always something unique waiting for you when you are on dhow cruise marina trip, which can’t be said for dhow cruise creek. Moreover, you will left wanting for more after completing the Creek trip, as it gives you a feeling that you have not seen the modern side of Dubai yet.

3. Ambiance

As far as ambiance is concerned, dhow cruise marina wins it hands down. If you want a traditional, run of the mill ambiance on a cruise then, dhow cruise creek will bring a smile on your face. The hustle and bustle on the dhow cruise creek will give you a feeling that you are in a crowded place.

For those who wants some private time and serenity without compromising on the ambiance and experience, dhow cruise marina will win their fancy. The complete atmosphere changes as soon as you step on to dhow cruise marina. You will see private yachts, leisure vessels, fishing boats and other small dhows around, making it a more playful, entertaining experience overall.


Creek views are limited at best. If you want more variety in sights you can see and views you can enjoy then, Marina dhow cruise deserve to be your choice. The problem with dhow cruise creek is that the area they are allowed to sail is short so the your trip won’t last very long and the sights you see will be less than what you can see on a dhow cruise marina.

Although, you will be able to see Dubai municipality building and Sheraton hotel building on Creek trip but it pales in comparison to Burj Al Arab and hotel Atlantis and Palm. Other buildings include Dubai marina mall, Infinity tower, Ocean heights, Dubai marina yacht club and Palm Jumeriah making it a wonderful trip. Seeing the skyline of Dubai at night when all lights shine bright, is an experience you cannot define in words.


Even though, dhow cruise marina trip will cost you double that of dhow cruise Creek but it also delivers a much better experience overall. Whether it is quality of services, sight-seeing or ambiance and atmosphere, dhow cruise marina is a clear winner in all departments. Which is the main reason why you would pick dhow cruise marina over dhow cruise creek? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.