Tuesday, October 11

5 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone Without Being Detected

Are you looking for a tracker to track android phones?  Then we are going to help you with this. In order to track android phones remotely and secretly, you will need a spy app or phone tracker. We did a lot of research and checked a number of spy apps in this regard. But the best one of these apps was BlurSPY app.

BlurSPY is a wonderful android tracker that allows the users to hack any phone and get access to everything on the phones. This app works in the background. That means the users on those devices it is installed will not be able to detect the app. You can continue to spy on your phones without being detected. And it is the best thing about BlurSPY app.

There are a number of features that users get with BlurSPY app. Every feature is the best, optimized and offers great performance. You will not find so many apps like BlurSPY with quality performance and great user experience. This app improves spying and tracking. Anyone can use the app when they want to track any target phone. The list of features is long and we will try to cover them here.

1. Using Call Tracker

This is one among the five ways to use an android tracker for spying on cell phones. With this feature, the users will be able to track the phone calls of the target phones. The feature allows the users to capture live calls by intercepting them as well as record any incoming and outgoing phone call. The feature can also block any phone numbers if the users want to restrict calls.

2. Using Location Tracker

Here comes another option to track android phones without being detected. In this method, the users will be able to track the live locations of the target phones with GPS location tracker. People in relationships often such apps and need this feature when they want to track their partners. Parents can also use the same feature to track their kids when they are not at home with them.

android cell phone

3. Using Screen Recorder

BlurSPY app now offers the most advanced feature when it comes to tracking android phones secretly. This is the best and the most powerful feature of BlurSPY app. With this app, the users will be able to capture the screen of the phones. You can also hack any social media account without being detected. The feature lets you capture the screen of the target phones.

4. Using Bug Mic and Camera

Have you ever wondered about a way that can hack the mic and camera of any phone remotely? Well, BlurSPY has got you as it offers the bug mic and camera feature which is helpful to hack the mic and camera of your target phone. As you will turn on this feature, you will be able to listen to the sounds in the surrounding using the mic whereas camera will capture the surrounding.

5. Using Keylogger Feature

Here comes the last method in our list of five ways to track android phone. The keylogger feature is quite different than most of the options. It detects the use of a keyboard on any device. As you activate the keylogger, it will detect the use of the keyboard on the target phone. The words typed will be then converted into sentences and a complete message. Users will be able to see what their target person has been talking about.

Why BlurSPY App?

Below are some reasons that prove why BlurSPY is the best android tracker.

  • It has a very simple and user-friendly design which makes it easy to use the app and track phones.
  • The app provides users with over two dozen amazing features.
  • It is the most affordable tracker which offers multiple pricing.
  • Performance of the app is just exceptional.
  • It works in the background so no one can detect BlurSPY app.