Tuesday, October 11

7 Steps Content Creation Plan for Successful Content Marketing Strategy

One of the major businesses to be affected by technological advancement is of course: Marketing. There is no such business as the one which advertises its products and services offline as of the 2010s. Even the smallest of businesses need a website or they will eventually disappear under the weight of their competition. The major advantage of the internet is that it’s a free resource. However, if you are not able to make a proper content marketing strategy, then your eCommerce business might not be able to outperform its competitors.

Notice how I mentioned content marketing strategy instead of marketing strategy? This is because there is no room for online promotion without content. Content can be anything: Text, Image, or Video. But each type of content differs in its merits and demerits, and one category of content might suit one business more than another one.

1. Identify your audience:

Take the case of Careem, they know that people trying to hail an offline taxi from a less visited area means that the demand for an online taxi service will be increased. Customer demographics, of course, include age, gender, etc., but if you only see these basic factors, then you’re limited in your vision. Broaden your horizons by comparing the local taxi service fares, most popular hang-out spots, etc. If you’re an eCommerce business selling books then check out book prices listed by established bookstores in your city, research which genres people prefer to buy the most, and so on.

2. Keyword research:

This term falls into the domain of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a process which affects the internet-based awareness of your website or web-page. So, you’ll have to input keywords such as Best Shawarma Dubai or Best Shawarma UAE in your content—as these are the terms your potential customers are most likely to be typing in search engines.

3. Which content type should you use?:

This one of the most challenging steps in content creation, but if done right, will lead to the greatest success. Remember that content is foremost in digital marketing. If you’re a beauty parlor which specializes in make-up services, then it would be advised that you opt for both image and video, as text won’t entice consumers to a business of your type. The video is superior to an image as the majority of smartphone users nowadays watch videos as they are considered hot media so viewers don’t need to concentrate too hard to interpret your content.

4. Which social media network to use?:

So, you’ve decided on which keywords to input and which content type to utilize. But you’re stuck with deciding where to place your content. If you’re an image-based content maker, then Facebook and Instagram will suffice. But if you make videos then why not upload them on YouTube where almost 5 million videos are watched per day? Videos have become so popular that some social media sites have their own dedicated streaming services for them, e.g., Facebook Videos and Instagram Stories.

5. Develop your brand identity:

Even if your content and the services you sell are good, they won’t matter in the long run if they can’t be identified with your brand. A brand is not just a logo but an identity. Compare your brand identity with the personality of a person. A good-looking and social person is bound to attract more admirers. So, if you’re uploading on YouTube, invest in an eye-catching logo and banner for your channel. Remember to keep interaction levels up, i.e., reply to a comment in seconds, as people will admire your quick response times.

6. Consistency is key:

Making a YouTube channel and posting monthly is a surefire way to fail in content marketing. By uploading a video once or twice a week people would be coming back for more. Stay consistent. Build a following. Gain more customers.

7. Revise your results:

Just like a movie studio analyses how well their film has performed at the box office, you should keep an eye out for your eCommerce business’s social media statistics. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have their own analytics section. Whether you are revising stats weekly or monthly, it doesn’t matter as long as you recognize what’s working and what’s not.

Quality content also helps you to gauge the use of what has been achieved for your brand. That is why people are searching for good content creation service in Dubai.