Thursday, October 13

Allen Weisselberg, CFO, Trump Organisation, Provided Immunity in Cohen Case

On Tuesday, Cohen has pleaded guilty and accepted violating the finance laws to turn benefits in favour of trump during the election campaign. He reportedly made financial transactions to hide the stories of Daniels and Karen McDougal. The two women had earlier alleged that they had extra-marital affairs with the current President Trump.

In the following case, Allen Weisselberg who is the chief financial officer of the trump organisation, has been provided immunity by the federal prosecutors who were investigating the President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen.

David pecker who is the CEO of the Tabloid Parent Company was also granted immunity after the investigation. Pecker was charged with the crime of helping Cohen hide and suppress potentially damaging stories that could prove devastating for Trump during election campaign and might have turned the electoral results against him.

Weisselberg Has been working in the trump organisation for a long time thus making him the right person to know about the trump’s finances from upside down. Has been working in the company since the 1970s working as an accountant with trump initially and slowly working his way up to the position of CEO. There left no doubt about him being in the vicious circle. His thorough knowledge of the finances and the funds have to be involved in such a big political agenda.

It is still unsure whether trump was directly involved in the suppression of such sensitive cases and the payments. Weisselberg statement on the issue is yet to be public. He was subpoenaed in the last month regarding the case. However Cohen has pleaded guilty to be violating law’s on the orders of trump.

Ivanka Trump in an email to wall street journal said, “He is a very passionate, fiercely loyal and has stood alongside my father and our family for over decade.” Such a strong conviction can only come of the person’s contribution beyond right and wrong. Earlier Trump’s fake university was fined for $25 million for defrauding students, whose checks were signed by not other than Weisselberg. The history seems to repeat itself.