Thursday, October 13

App vs Website – Which To Develop First?

We live in a world of 7.1 billion people where more than 4 billion people use internet. And likewise all the businesses are increasingly responding to the influence of this worldwide network. But today when 80% of the internet used devices are smart phones – the most common question that every enterprise is asking – A mobile app or a website?

Well undoubtedly websites have played a major role in consolidating the world of internet, but today where all of your customers are glued to the mobile screens at all parts of the day, my answer will be an APP! On an average, a common man spends 2 -3 hours of their day on smartphone fidgeting through different apps and it’s a lot of time to embrace your mark in your consumers’ mind.

To justify a statement so strong, I will give you some major reasons why you must choose an app over a website. Let me tell those to you one by one:

• The sharp edge of Push Notification: Apps lets you communicate to your customers in a way websites cannot. They carry this feature called Push notifications which is basically a medium to communicate to your customers – notify them about sales, tell them that their favorite product is on sale, express them that you miss them when it’s been long they have visited you and tell them everything you cannot through website announcements!

• Customization is important: Who doesn’t love a little personalization? Well, like every other human being, your customer does too. Apps can help you customize the feed differently for every customer depending on their choices, preferences and budget. And this is another reason why Consumers are more inclined to Apps than websites, these days.

• Anytime, Anywhere: The customers feel the need to contact you for many reasons – inquiries, troubles, complaints, reviews and so many other reasons. And Apps, are the best platform to keep your customers connected to you at all parts of the day. The availability which says ‘anytime, anywhere’ can only be accomplished with an app.

• It’s not just a Big players’ game, anymore: For a long time, Apps were considered a place where only big enterprises survived. But, now its history because even the local ration shop of your area is resorting to apps considering its dominant features. The attributes that an app has to offer, is so much more feasible and advanced that everyone, right from the start-ups to MNC’s have their own App strategies to execute.

• Now, App Development is economical too: Earlier, most businesses feared app development because of the huge costs involved in its creation. But now companies like AppsEazy that provide online self app developing platforms have made it so economical that every other business, even the startups can afford to launch their ideas via this app maker.

These are some of the major advantages that you score with an app over a website. But they definitely don’t tell you that you shouldn’t have a website, what they are saying is that you should have an APP! Study reveals that, companies who have both, a website and an app are comparatively ahead at the game and customers are more likely to trust them more, than the ones who have only website or only App.

So build an app today, but don’t let go of website either!