Wednesday, October 12

Celebrate your Pets birthday with Cakes

We all eagerly wait for our birthdays to come. A birthday cake tastes best when it is our own birthday cake. And every birthday is incomplete without a birthday cake. Whenever it is someone’s birthday in our family and friends circle, we always make sure that they blow a candle, make a wish and cut a cake no matter how old they are, how busy they are and if they at all they like to eat cake or not.

birthday cakes

Pets, be it cats and dogs, rabbits, birds, turtles, or any other pet, their birthday needs to be celebrated too. After all, they too are precious members of the family and the bond that you share is extremely treasured and precious. Why should only humans get to have fun and cut a cake on their birthdays? Why not the cute furry members of our family? Pets do not want or demand much, they love you for who you are and may even be more loving, loyal and caring as compared to your human relatives and colleagues. At least on the occasion of their birthday, you can pamper them with a cake that they will love and enjoy eating. After all, just like human beings, our furry pets too have a knack for something sweet. Their sweet tooth cravings need to be fulfilled too. You will easily find options to order cake and flower in Dwarka, even for your most loved and favorite members of the family, your pets.

Now it is always better if you order a cake for your pets from a pet store because they have the best knowledge as to what is best for which animal and will get you a cake as per the dietary needs, health concerns and taste preferences of your furry friend. You can order the cakes that they already have and can also place an order for a customized cake. If you want to attempt baking a cake for your furry family member at home, you need to be careful and keep in mind a few things. The most crucial factor is to only use elements that are absolutely safe for your furry friends. All ingredients must be safe for animals. Ensure that the ingredients used are of the top quality and that your most loved and treasured pets do not have any allergic reaction to it or upset their tummies after eating their own birthday cake.

Here are a few ingredients that should be avoided for cakes for your furry friends especially for cats and dogs:

  1. Any kind of sugar substitute
  2. Grapes and raisins
  3. Nuts
  4. Any kind of seeds
  5. The herb rosemary
  6. Coffee and tea
  7. Garlic and onions
  8. Salts and citrus of any kind
  9. Alcohol or any other chemicals

If your pets do not like eating anything that is sweet, cakes that are not at all sweet are also available. Even non-vegetarians cakes are available for pets. This is something that even human beings don’t have the privilege of. I am sure a lot of people would love to eat a chicken cake. Cakes that are decorated or topped with their specific food such as cat food, dog food and more are also extremely popular choices for cakes for your furry friends. Using fruits and vegetable liquids is also a great idea to be used to bake cakes for pets. It not only makes the cake soft and moist but also packs it with a lot of good nutrients and vitamins. Our furry friends too deserve pampering and undivided attention and a shower of lovely goodies at least on their birthdays. If pets can have their own range of clothes and shoes, a special salon and parlor only for them, special toys and games then why not a special cake just for them? Just best cake bakery in Rohini and make their birthdays extra special.