Tuesday, October 11

Clemx Louis🔱Xx The Walking Dead

Clementine and AJ keep on walking down the long road that seemed to lead to no where. ‘Boarding school, 1.3 miles north’ . ‘Hey , that might be a good sign! They might have food , water..’ Clem grinned as she looked into the distance. ‘Clem my legs hurt, are we nearly there?’ AJ moaned leaving Clementine to giggle.

Twenty minutes passed and they reached the front gates. ‘Hello?!’ Clem shouted waving towards a young boy with some sort of scar on his forehead, looks like some sort of chemical burn. The boy who seemed to look around the age ten ran into the building leaving Clem and AJ stranded. ‘Little prick’ Clem whispered hoping AJ wouldn’t hear. ‘Swear’ he announced. ‘Sorry’ she giggled rubbing his head. A few minutes pass and a blonde haired boy walks up to the gate , leaving around a 5 metre gap between the teens. ‘Well, who are you?’ He asked looking them up and down holding a bow and arrow in defence. ‘I’m AJ!’ AJ bounced. ‘I’m Clem , we’re kinda looking for some help and your the only camp we’ve seen for weeks..’ she looks him in the eyes as he glares back with the eyes that looked as blue as the ocean. For a minute they were both lost in daze as AJ snapped them out of t. ‘Well can we come in?’ AJ tried to push the gate open as Clem walks up and helps him. ‘Thanks’ he smiled.

‘I’m Marlon, and welcome to the troubled youths boarding school!’ He opened his arms as if he was trying to replica the titanic. ‘Looks like you’ve got quite a little thing going here’ Clementine smirked nudging him in a flirtatious way. ‘Yeah were quite tied down, got a few supply banks down the river catching fish and whatever else comes along.’ Marlon pushes the double wooden doors opening to a large stair case leading off to multiple rooms. ‘You can stay tonight and we can see about making this long term.’ Marlon winked as he lead the new residents off into a room where a boy who looked like he was in his late teens was sat playing piano. ‘Louis!’ Marlon smiled introducing Clem and AJ

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this new story , thought I’d do something with the final season. Bye x