Thursday, October 13

Cloud Based IVR Systems for Customer Interaction Quality

Customer interaction is an essential part for every company in this competitive environment. Customers move on to another brand if they experience low-quality or poor customer support. According to the certain reports, around 89 percent of customers switch to another company after receiving bad customer experience.

Therefore, companies must focus on installing most suitable and proficient solutions like interactive voice response (IVR). This system is referred as an automated customer support provided with high-quality network through IP phones. Customers just have to submit their queries through voice or keypad and receive automated voice responses.

Here are some of the crucial features and benefits of cloud based IVR which can transform the quality of customer experience:

Personalizing pre-recorded messages

Customers expect quality support and solutions through personalized messages that can fulfill their requirements. IVR systems allow agents to customize and personalize pre-recorded messages by analyzing customers’ information through their ID.

Agents can also record greeting messages to wish their customers on their birthdays, anniversaries or for any other special moment. This will help to improve customer experience with your business.

Promoting offers

Customers can retrieve information related to beneficial offers from the company. IVR systems can be used to promote discounts on special services and products through instant messaging or voicemails.

In this way, customers can save a lot of expenses while shopping from a company to buy some relevant products for their needs. Conclusively, this strategy will increase the sales of companies and generate more leads for their growth.

Enhanced Privacy for Customers

IVR systems are most trustworthy and reliable in terms of keeping customer’s information and data private and secure. People will prefer to rely on companies that offer high-level safety of their information they provided for several purposes.

This is another factor that impacts a company’s growth and help to improvise the measures of securing customers’ records in their database. With enhanced privacy for customers, companies can establish a great level of trust among target audiences.

Minimizing busy tones

Customers don’t like to stay on hold or keep listening busy tones whenever they dial a company’s number for technical assistance. They need quick response and when they didn’t get it, they switch to another company. As a result, there will be a big negative impact on the image or reputation for the company.

In order to prevent this situation, companies can customize IVR menus to resolve multiple queries of the customers and reduce their waiting time effectively. In this way, the challenge of long queues can be overcome and customers will get quick solutions.

Tracking experience with effective surveys

Getting feedback from customers about the services they adopted is very necessary for improvising customer experience. This gives a reality check on how customers feel and think about a company and their services.

Cloud based IVR systems are perfect to create surveys that can effectively take ratings and reviews from customers through voice inputs or keypad entries. It also makes customers more reliable on a company as they will feel appreciated about how companies are always concerned about their convenience.

There might be millions of solutions available to improve customer experience and seek rapid growth for the company, but the significance of IVR systems can’t be underestimated. These systems can be implemented with IP PBX systems as well as VoIP technology, which will boost the productivity of employees and their customer interaction process as well.