Tuesday, October 11

Creative ways to improve keyword research

Keyword research is a technique to analyze the keywords based on the user’s search, to improve the page rank in the search engine result page (SERP). Targeting a keyword increases the organic search results. Generally in SEO, using keyword planner to download the results and sorting the keywords in a spreadsheet is the common method following almost all over the SEO analyst and marketer. It is the easiest way but not all the correct procedures. Keyword involves several minutes and detailed procedures to be followed. In this article let’s discuss the 5 creative ways of keyword research to increase the traffic in the SERP.

Find your target market

Finding your target market means to identify the optimal keywords. How the user searching to find the products. Analyze the customers; group them according to how they are getting benefits from the products and services. Target the audience, based on the difference of current consumers to regular fans. Accordingly, boost the keywords in the SERP.

Example if you are doing a real estate business and you need to increase the rank and traffic of a website. The keyword of the website can be best real estate’s selling, best homes to buy, new homes, landlords are the general keywords can be focussed and used apart from that house fpping can be the moz keyword explorer for this kind of business, which provides the good ranking.

Find the customers questions

After finding the market, i.e., real estate basics services. The second thing to find the customers question regarding the business, in the case of real estates, the common questions raising for the consumers are pricing, how much a plot, how much amount for the new home, which better to buy a home or plot. If you are already an expert in your business, then you can get the clues regarding the customer’s needs, if you are new some may not get the clues of the client’s idea. Certain tools are used to find the queries, example answer the public is a famous question generating online tool.

keyword research

Finding the famous and competitors’ content

The third step is to identify the competitors of the concerned industry and find out their website content to explore the keywords of their website. How strong they built the keywords, how they associate with their customers. In this step, keyword research can be done, what the consumers like and dislikes. By finding the dislikes, then only we can be alert to what should be avoided. It also includes the relevant keywords should be used depends on the user’s language how they are using the terms for searching.

Form a keyword list using the keyword planner

Once you found the keywords via keyword research, then list the keyword and build the contents using the keywords. Place the keywords aptly in the contents. While planning the contents for the keywords, using the long phrases and words to define or mention a keyword. Using more keywords, more contents can be covered. Hence should be careful in transforming the keywords within the contents.

Several online tools are available for keyword planner. Google keywords planner is a super tool to do the research in keyword research. It offers how the similar keywords functionality out of all the keywords we are searching per day. The main purpose of this keywords planner is to organize and optimize list the keywords. Based on the results, keywords can be changed, added or any sort of corrections can be done over this as per the necessity. It is stated that the already chosen keywords have no competition then it cannot be ranked, then that keyword can be replaced or modified.

Place a keyword into the content

One or two keywords can be placed on the content. Do not stuff the keywords in the content, use the keywords wherever necessary. Stuffing of the keywords leads to poor readability. In SERP’s keywords placement is important. Provide worth contents to place the valuable keywords. It can be achieved by looking the successful and popular blogs/ article in-depth to understand the tactics.

Though the keyword research seems a hard work, it should be done to upfront your website in the highest rank in search engines results from a page. To increase the traffic, website rankings and thereby increasing the customers and improve the sales is a great job. Give your valuable feedback regarding this article. Thank you for your time and kindly share with your pals.