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Daisy De La Hoya | The Reality Tv Star From 2007 | Biography – Her Life Events, Covered In Details

Daisy de la hoya gained popularity in 2007 with the reality tv show known as the “ Rock of  Love 2 “. The fans of the particular tv show were of the notion that Daisy de la hoya is going to stick around for much longer duration as she performed excellently on the stage, had a pretty face, had some passion for the acting and music and were really living her role in the reality tv show.

Daisy De La Hoya Career

Her acting career started when she was first starred in the reality tv show Rock of Love with the actor Bret Michael. The actor Bret Michael was a classical band warrior and wears a classical hairstyle, beard, and a band. The Rock of Love 2 was about attracting the Bret Michaels and Daisy de la hoya was eliminated on episode 11 while surviving through the thick and thins of all the previous episodes.

Rock of Love 2

Rock of love 2 was started with 20 girls who were given the task of attracting the Bret Michael. Each episode had an elimination round after which some of the girls were eliminated. Daisy de la hoya, due to her charming looks and acting she stayed in a little longer in the game and the fans of the show were of the notion that she would get hang around sometime in the television.

Daisy of Love

Daisy de la hoya did get a second coming in the year of 2009 with her own reality tv show better known as the Daisy of love. This show just like the Rock of love 2 contained various episodes and contestants. Each of the contestants were to attract the daisy through one ow way or the other or else they would suffer from the elimination.

Daisy’s Disappearance

Rock of love 2 and Daisy of love were the shows which were able to spark up the daisy’s appearance in the television industry but her sparked up appearance was short-lived and it was not like her fans speculated. Daisy left the industry due to various reasons.

One of the obvious reasons for her disappearance and demise can be blamed due to drugs. She was addicted to drugs in her prime time and she confronted it that she got addicted to drugs during her time playing as the Daisy of love and her addiction had roots from the Rock of love 2 tv show.

She was always a huge fan of music and the last times we saw her around the television, she mentioned that she is going back to the music industry, the college and all in all a simple life where she still has the opportunity to start it all over again. She also lost the man to whom she was attracted to. She was attracted to Corey Haim, an actor. Both of them were attracted to each other and suddenly Corey died of Pulmonary Congestion upon which daisy was shocked and was deeply saddened. She told the reporter that later in life she was expecting to see him and these were not the things which were the part of the plan.

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