Tuesday, October 11

Different Types of Skylights That You Can Buy

“There are a various types of skylights available in the market, here we have listed a few types that you can choose from in order to let some sunlight into your house”. 

Skylights also known as rooflights come in various shapes and sizes. You can install skylights depending on your needs. Say for example you want to convert your attic into a bedroom, but you are unable to install traditional windows in the space, then you can consider installing skylights. If you don’t have any natural light coming into your bathroom or kitchen since there are no windows, you can think about skylights as an option. These are openings in the roof that enables the natural light to come in. However, you will have to be careful and you will have to plan ahead. If you install these skylights without planning, you might make a huge mistake.

Firstly, you will have to get the permits and sort out the building inspections before you get started. Once you get the permits you can begin the work of installing the skylights. There are various types of skylights you should know about in order to install one. The three different designs of skylights available in the market are listed below-

Tilt window –  This is slightly different from the straightforward design. In this the window opens out from an upper hinge. Tilting roof windows are installed along with flashing kits, so that the window is waterproof. Depending on the type of roof shingles the flashing kits differ.

Fixed – These skylights don’t offer access to the exterior, however it offers a great amount of sunlight along with an amazing view of the sky.

Escape window – These skylights can be opened for use as an emergency exit during the times of need.

If you are looking for skylights England for your beautiful house, then you will be surprised to see the different types of skylights you can buy.

If the room you want to install a skylight in is too small for any traditional skylight, then you can opt for the tubular skylights. These are installed using a shaft that begins on the roof and goes down into the house. The shaft captures sunlight and directs it down into the house. The shaft spreads the light throughout the house brightening up the house.

These tubular skylights come is various sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. These are optimum for small rooms, like powder room, bathroom, walk in closet and hallways. These glass skylights England come with various types of features like integrated bathroom fans for the bathrooms, electric light kits, so that the shaft can be used at night as well and dimmer that allows you to adjust the amount of light you want the skylight to provide.

So, wait no more and opt for one of these skylights and bring home some sunshine. If you have already made the decision to install a skylight then, talk to the authorities to get permit and decide on the type of skylight that suits your requirement the best. There are various types of skylights available in the market, make your choice wisely. Understand the sun’s movement and then plan your skylight, because if planned wrong it will lead to overheating of the house during the summer months.