How digital parenting is almost free on Cyber Monday & Black Friday?

Parenting online over the years is been taking seriously and today parents do believe in digital parenting alongside real-life parenting. So, they always want to know what kids and teens are doing on their digital mobile phones and tablets especially when connected to the internet. However, most of the parents still don’t bother to set parental control or digital boundaries for kids on their mobile phones particularly.

So, they just not ignoring the basic necessity of the contemporary world which is full of dangers for young kids and teens who loves to stay online on their smartphones and other devices. Therefore, experts do believe that modern phone technology is working as a tech-based pied piper for teens and kids and taking them towards online obsession, threats, and real-life activities to the virtual world.

The Hamelin Pied Piper had taken kids of the town forever, and what you think being parents about children addicted to the mobile phone technology. Digital piped piper is too dangerous because these days’ teens and kids are not present even when they are with the family.

Why digital parenting is necessary for kid’s protection online?

Young kids and teens these days are lurking towards online activities more than real –life. Teens and kids are obsessed with social media apps, websites, and instant messengers. Teens and children used to of using social media platforms and networking apps for the sake of communication such as text messages, chats conversations, audio-video calls, and for the sharing of photos, videos, and Voice messages. What do you think about these features of social media?

 It looks normal seemingly, but when it comes to the outcomes kids and teens got trapped by the cyberbullies, stalkers and sexual predators. That’s why parents have to perform digital parenting on kids’ and teens’ digital devices. Additionally, young kids and teens also get involved in online dating to have hookups with strangers randomly for uncommitted sexual activities in real –life and as well as on the web.

Furthermore, teens and tweens use their digital phones as X –rated digital theaters in their pockets. They do inappropriate browsing activities on the cellphone installed browsers and harbor sexual fantasies on social media via cellphone. That’s why teens have to bear online bullying, slut-shaming and as well as name-calling activities on social media platforms.

Cyber Bullying Statistics: Pew Research Center

  • Almost 60% of teens have to face bullying online or online harassment
  • 42% of teens have to face Offensive name-calling on social media
  • 32% of teens face false rumors about themselves on social platforms
  • 25% of the teens receiving explicit messages unwanted
  • 16% of the teens got physical threats by the strangers online

Set Digital Boundaries on teens for almost free on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Parents who do believe in the digital parenting of kids alongside the real-life parenting there is shocking news for them. Now they will be able to set parental control or digital parenting on kids’ and teen’s mobile phones and tablets instantly but they have to get a 90% to 50% discount on cell phone monitoring software on upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Get subscription online and install it on your kid’s and teen’s mobile phone devices and then get to know what kids and teens are doing on their devices. You can use it for social media monitoring and get the logs of messages, text conversations, audio-video conversations, video, photos shared on social media.

Additionally, it empowers you to read text messages sent or received on teen’s cell phones, record and listen to the live phone calls and save the data on the web. Furthermore, you can remotely control the activities of children and teens on social media platforms and cellular networks of digital devices.

You can block text messages on kid’s devices, block incoming calls of the strangers and you can block all the activities on target device associated with the internet by blocking the access of cyberspace on kids and teens handset.


Get maximum discount TheOneSpy android plans this cyber Monday and Black Friday and get perform digital parenting for almost free on kids and teens devices. Don’t prefer goods, costumes on children’s safety online.

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