Thursday, October 13

Donald Trump Goes Berserk Over Omarosa

Omarosa Manigault’s recent media circus on her tell all book about her experience in the White House sent Donald Trump furiously tweeting today to discredit her story. Trump’s obsession with Omarosa is quite telling. Perhaps it also speaks of Omarosa’s importance. Trump sent out more than 7 tweets in a span of only hours.

Omarosa claims she has a series of unflattering tapes about the president and other White House aides.

Even after months since Omarosa’s firing, Kellyanne Conway struggled on ABC’s This Week to name a single prominent African American in a senior White House role.

President Trump’s declining mental health is a serious national security issue. Mr. Trump rants daily on twitter even about the most mundane things that make many wonder what is going on inside his head.

The erratic president randomly tweets from one issue to the other with very little coherence in thought flow. Omarosa describes Trump in her book as a president unable to grasp complex issues. Well, he can still take a swing at a golf ball.

Trump has responded to Omarosa’s media rounds promoting her book by calling her a lowlife, a dog, a loser, a dog, words which border on racial under and over tones. Omarosa says in Trump’s world, everyone lies. The president lies, Sarah Sanders goes on national television everyday and lies. The White House does engage in alternative truths, that much we know.

Omarosa’s new book is titled “ Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House”. She claims she was part of a Trump campaign group that discussed the existence of a tape where Trump used the N word.

She says Trump also used a derogatory term while referring to Puerto Ricans after Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, a category 4 hurricane that made a direct landfall. In stark contrast to Florida whose aid for Hurricane Irma was approved before it even made landfall.

Shortly after getting fired from her job as a top aide to the president, Omarosa hinted in her new gig Celebrity Big Brother show that she has compelling inside information about the inner dealings in the White House.

Omarosa has often portrayed herself as a villain, a back stabber. Perhaps the reason Trump hired her in the first place. Trump prides himself of building a team of competing egos, just like he ran his Celebrity Apprentice show. That seems to be coming back to haunt him now.