Monday, October 10

Exactly What Happened to Claire Abbott, Famous Instagram Model?

Claire Abbott, one of the most sensational Instagram model suddenly got disappeared leaving most of her fans and followers in the state of shock. Her fan base was huge and she was one those few Instagram models who had admiring fans as her debut in this social media industry was ignited by her fans. If you’re here for What Happened to Claire Abbott, Famous Instagram Model? Then that’s exactly what we’re going to figure out, besides we’ll see some of her life as well.

Claire Abbott career started when she randomly uploaded her picture on the internet in a bikini, at that time she was only 15 years old and the internet was surprised to see the kind of physique she had, we all believe she was blessed with beauty and the hottest physique at least of this decade.

Her picture went viral and everyone insisted her to become a social media star which she later gave a consideration. It’s not too difficult for a girl with that kind of looks to climb the ladder of success, she had it nailed. In a matter of a few months, she was having a decent fan base and her Instagram channel grew to as much as 300,000 followers. Although she was a sensational model from Instagram she wasn’t rocking the Instagram alone.

Seeing her success, she quickly expanded her social handles and at the same time, she was rocking the twitter, facebook, and youtube also. Her fan base was now quite huge and it was more demanding than ever. The good part about Claire Abbott was that she had an interest in the music industry. She always envisioned herself as a songwriter and a singer also and that was pretty clear from the posts she made every now and then, her vision was here for everyone to see from day one.

For a girl born 22nd January 1998, this much of a success wasn’t a normal thing. To become a social media star is not a small deal in your teens. She really had a great time climbing the ladder of success or perhaps it would be better to say the elevator of success as her struggle period is quite low but still, it doesn’t justify anything close to What Happened to Claire Abbott, Famous Instagram Model?

Quite a few time ago when this mysterious shutting down of the social media account thing happened, she posted a picture of her in the hospital and she told her fans what kind of psychological diseases ( depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder ) she had and she spread the words on how things like these are not normal for people to bear. The thing that she got disappeared mysteriously can have something to do with this.

Some of the people believe she took a break from all of this to just focus on her music and songwriting career but that’s not even close to a real reason. She could’ve focused on it better with her social media profiles.

All we can guess is that her mysterious blackout had to do something with psychological issues. We hope she returns, this time for good.