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Genevieve Gallen: Age/Profession/Personal Life/Bio and Marriage

Genevieve Gallen, born on (December 20, 1972), had a passionate career in playboy modeling. In a tributary video made for the Genevieve Gallen, they gave her the title “ More than just a flesh “ which really points out to the kind of deal she has been around in her glorious days. Not only that, people of her era realized her as the women with an ability to amaze the men.

Not only Genevieve Gallen was a specialist on playboy modeling, but she also made her debut in related industries. In the fashion designing industry, she had some glorious days. Genevieve Gallen also enjoyed time being a famous yoga instructor. Professionally she had great achievements.

Pursuing Passion

Regarding personal life, Gallen was always fond of music. Her interest in the music and entertainment industry came in front of the public when she joined the Playboy network as a magazine model star. That provided Gallen with an opportunity to display her abilities in front of the world and let the world be known for how much of a big deal she is.

Family / Childhood

Regarding her family and siblings, there is no data present. Her birthplace is Detroit. Regarding her past life, all we know is that she had a love for entertainment which she later proved right by earning quite a lot of fame in this industry.

Genevieve Gallen family

Physical Characteristics

Regarding her physical appearance, Genevieve Gallen stands 5ft and 6 inches tall with a regulated body weight of around 60 kg. She is blonde with a really good American accent. Her face cut is sharp and the figure is absolutely stunning and that is exactly why she had a successful career as a playboy model.


The most noticeable career in her life was the modeling she did for the Playboy magazine. To this date, Genevieve Gallen is known for two of the most important events of her life. One was the decision to join the Playboy modeling and the second one was her marriage. Besides modeling for Playboy, she worked as a successful yoga instructor. She also made a name in the fashion designing industry. Her early life career includes a waitress job but that was temporarily held for some time being.


This event turned all the tables in her life. Genevieve Gallen peaked to her might in her marriage days. She was married to Verne Troyer who was a Hollywood actor. The marriage with the Verne Troyer only sustained for a month hardly and she filed a case for divorce as she felt unsafe with her husband. Verne Troyer was accused of being a sex and alcohol addict and was reported to have a harsh and behavior on Genevieve Gallen. She even reported being hit by the vodka bottle and was physically tortured by her husband. All of this resulted in a divorce.

As of right now, Genevieve Gallen is pretty much retired from all the professions she once had a name in. However, she is enjoying her time in the fashion designing industry nowadays. As of 2019, she is 46 years old.

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