Monday, October 10

Grow Marketing Results Massively with Employment Advocacy Solutions

Employment Advocacy Solutions: Skyrocket Your Marketing Results

In the digital age, performing your own research has never been easier. It is simple for consumers to obtain the opinions of those who have lived through an experience before them without ever having leave the comfort of their own house.

use employment advocacy solutions to skyrocket marketing results

While this is apparent when it comes to many industries, the trend of reading the reviews before lending yourself to the experience is about to become the norm when it comes to choosing the companies we work with. Simply put, we trust employees of companies more than we trust companies themselves.

The Shifting Landscape of Marketing

Why employee advocacy solutions tend to work can be explained when one also considers current marketing trends. Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming more and more viable – with multiple demographics being affected by the movement.

The personal touch of influencer marketing, the clear relationship between consuming and obtaining certain products and achieving seemingly real happiness and popularity, coupled with the simple envisioning of oneself as the influencer, has made influencer marketing a fixture in how we market today.

If influencer marketing is the key to effective product marketing, then the importance of employment advocacy solutions becomes clear. Consumers want a personal touch to their marketing, and they want to feel like they know the person selling to them.

Utilizing Credibility

Consumers may inherently trust employee advocacy solutions in their advertising more than other forms of advertisement overall as they may find them more credible. As consumers become more aware of when they’re being sold to, they may in fact shy away from situations in which they are being sold to.

Employee advocates are seen as having no agenda. They’re more believable as being everyday people consumers can easily seem themselves in. In fact, the wider the range of employees utilized for employee advocacy, the wider range of consumers you will be able to target – all while utilizing a marketing strategy that feels more natural than a typical ad campaign.

Employment Advocacy Solutions

As many as 31% of the high growth firms already have employee advocacy programs in place – and that number is still growing. Employee advocacy will likely continue to grow as employers realize that this practice also helps employees gain confidence in the company they work for – it is much easier to feel as though you’re a part of the company you’re working for when you’re a visible and active face and voice of the company.

the number of firms using employment advocacy solutions is growing

A employee advocacy software program gives power to employees – strengthening the perception of a company both externally and internally. Few sources are seen as experts on a company as easily as company employees – who would know the company better?

Social media employment advocacy is a relatively cost effective advertising strategy. Your marketing strategy can easily be facilitated by providing your employee with products, or at least temporarily giving them access to products, giving them merch, and more! The possibilities of employee driven marketing are endless, as are the profits!