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Hassan Jameel Net worth | Biography |Relation With Rihana | Hassan Jameel Wiki

Hassan Jameel, a Saudi Arabian business tycoon with a $2.2 billion family net worth is Rihana’s boyfriend which is constantly being kept a secret by both of them. None of them want to disclose their personal lives but as seen and photographed numerous times by fans, the couple can’t curtain the truth. In fact, it was Rihana’s decision ( Moving to London ) which sparked the fans to find more about Hassan Jameel.

Hassan Jameel is from Saudi Arabia but currently residing in London. The fact that Rihana also moved to London a few days back shows us how the couple is trying to get even closer.

Let’s see the family business, biography and Hassan Jameel net worth in a bit details.

Family Business

Hassan Jameel’s family owns Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic. It is a company which has an exclusive right to sell Toyota vehicle in Saudi Arabia, in addition to seven other countries. The company Abdul Latif Jameel is worth $2.2 billion as of now.

Hassan Jameel is vice chairman and deputy president of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestics as well as president of Community Jameel. Community Jameel is an organization which is set out to bring positive changes in society and economic sustainability.

Abdu Latif Jameel, the family company of Hassan Jameel is also reported to own the Jameel league. As of now, Jameel league owns Saudi professional football league with 14 teams.

Family Background

Hassan Jameel, born in Saudi Arabia, comes from one of the richest families of Saudi Arabia. His family is not only limited to Saudi Arabia, in fact, but his family is also listed as one of the richest families of the world.

His father Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel is the owner of Abdul Lateef Jameel company which has the net worth of $ 2.2 billion. He is the middle son of Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel with one elder and one younger brother.

Personal Life

Hassan Jameel was born on 12 October 1988 in Saudi Arabia. He was spotted in a meeting with Prince Andrew. His company is listed as one of the worlds biggest companies ( Abdul Lateef Jameel Domestic ). Before Rihana, Hassan Jameel was previously dating Naomi Campbell and was spotted out with her in July 2016 at the British Summer Time Festival in London.

Hassan Jameel was married to Lina Lazar which was then termed as one of the most influential artists. The couple couldn’t make it through thick and thin and ended up being divorced in 2017.

Hassan Jameel started dating with Rihana in 2017 and the couple is trying to get closer and closer which is pretty obvious from Rihana’s decision of moving in London

As far as the Hassan Jameel net worth is concerned, some estimate it to be $1 billion but it’s not totally correct. Officially we know the family business which he owns is worth around $2.2 billion. Nothing can be said exactly about Hassan Jameel’s net worth but sure he is a billionaire.

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