headphones and headsets – Which one is best for you and why

Don’t be a sheep in the world of tech. While these two seem similar, there are some primary differences between the headphones and headsets which separate them apart. From the design considerations to the functioning and user needs, both of these differ and it’s a wise idea to be familiar with your needs.

Most people compromise on headphone and headsets, only because of the lack the knowledge. For example, I’ve seen a guy working out in the gym with headsets and it’s laughable. You might think it’s pretty cool to hang out with the headphones and headsets as they both are same but believe me this single notion is enough to incorporate you in the list of ” Dummies of the universe “

While the distinction appears frustrating, it’s pretty simple. Here’s how

Difference in design

The primary difference is, of course, the design consideration. You can spot the difference between the two images for instance.

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headphones and headsets

You can see the headset comes up with a broom microphone. This one can be adjusted and is subjected to movements, twisting and all those fancy motions. With headsets on, no one thinks you are listening to music, it seems you are on some sort of call or those in-game chats.

The headphones have the same design considerations but they lack the microphone, not the microphone but that broom microphone which is subjected to 360 degrees of motion. So when it’s on, everyone knows you are listening to music or watching a movie. You are no longer engaged in a conversation with a being.

Difference in Functionality

The primary purpose of a headset is to be used as a communication tool. Mostly worn by gamer, these help them to not only receive the incoming sounds from the game but with the microphone appropriately adjusted above their chins, they can contribute in the games too with their words which most of the time are an utmost expression of their emotions.

Headphones are meant to just receive the incoming sound media from the device but primarily it is not meant to contribute in term of communication. The main purpose of the headphone is to enjoy the delicate voice/sound/bass and all those effects. Headphones focus more on sound quality as compared to the headsets this is because of the primary usage of headphones.

Difference in purpose

Let me pass onto you the purposes of both these great pieces of technology so that whenever they coincide with your needs, you can consider one.

The purpose of the headset is to be a masterpiece in the telecommunication sector. Being used in offices ( a good example is the customer care representatives in a reputable company ). While these can be used to listen to music but they are not meant to and you would be compromised too much on the sound quality.

The main purpose of the headphone is to enjoy even those slightest effects on the music. A good headphone can make you feel those slightest effects in the music. You can spot them being used casually all around. While some of them have a microphone ( it’s hidden, not visible ), these can support calls and communication but are not meant for this as they offer very poor call quality as compared to headsets.

What’s best for you – Headphones and Headsets

By now, it would be pretty clear of what you want in terms of your use and needs. If you want a piece of technology that can make you listen somewhat music but is excellent in voice transmission then an answer is a headset. If you want a casual all time fit that makes you listen to all those effects in music but makes you compromise on communication, then a headphone is an answer

What I wear from headphones and headsets?

Most of the time, I’m hanging around casually. In the gym, with friends, outdoors and all. For this, I’m on headphones. While having a decent match on some game, I switch to headsets to contribute as well.

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