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How often should men apply beard oil?

How often should men apply beard oil?

The main purpose of applying beard oil is to make your beard grow faster. It keeps the beard moisturized, soft and keeps skin hydrated. Beard oil is easily available in the market.

Let’s see in detail what are the effects of beard oil, how it is used, and what all things should we avoid while applying beard oil.

What is used for applying beard oil :

It is very easy to apply beard oil. If you have a long beard you will need a comb. And beard combs are also available in the market. Most the men prefer wooden combs to groom their bread. But if you have a short beard you can apply the oil by using your hands.

Steps to apply beard oil :

  1. Clean up your beard.

Before applying beard oil one must take a warm shower because after getting the shower the pores get open and it helps to apply beard oil deeply.

  1. Make it dry.

Mix oil and water with each other and pat-dry it on your beard and face with a bath towel.

  1. Pump that.

Pump a little amount of beard oil on your hand. The amount depends upon the length of the beard if there is no growth then you must start with one pump daily.

  1. Rub it.

Rub the oil with your hands to equally distribute it on both hands. And then rub oil on your beard.

  1. Massage the face.

Now massage the excess oil on the face gently. It contains vitamin E that is also beneficial for the skin. Premium type of beard oil contains non-comedogenic which does not clog our pores and is safe to use.

  1. Make use of excess.

If you still have oil left on your hand, then apply it on your hair scalp, or chest hair and let them also take the goodness of the oil

  1. Brush your beard out.

Brush your beard and take them in shape. Do it with the wooden comb.

These steps should be followed daily for good beard growth.