Tuesday, October 11

How To Drive Traffic fast Other Than Google

You know that driving traffic from google is hard, and SEO takes time. Months and sometimes a whole year, and all of us know that without traffic is nothing. You can’t make a single dime without traffic. New blogger face the challenge when they start and make mistakes.

There are other ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog without google. Here I will share the most essential traffic sources that I have observed after so many trial and error, and I think a new blogger no need to wait for traffic. Now you can start your business without relying on Google especially for a newbie.

This paved me to write this post.  Option are unlimited to drive the targeted traffic to your website, but here I will share with you the most trusted and valuable sources that how to drive traffic fast other than google, that make a huge difference in your blogging career.

Email List

This is the number one method that is used by top industry player, every huge marketing using and making tons of money from the mailing list.

The subscriber in your list is the target and high conversion rate, and your loyal followers.

Without wasting much time start making the email list this the backbone of successful blogger, they believe more than on list than google. Because you have 100% access to it, when the algorithm changes of a source of traffic, like facebook, twitter, or other social media player, your traffic collapsed dramatically. Now you have the email list you can contact to your reader without any distraction.

And when you mail to your readers the chances are high to visit your website and more than any other medium of traffic.

Guest Blogging

Guest posting a powerful tool to get the attention of the readers on the blog sphere. You establish yourself as an authority and become known to the readers as well as you get targeted traffic to your website. I have seen after so many trial and error that guest posting is the fastest tool to drive traffic and ranking of your website in a short span of time.

You have to benefit from guest posting you establish yourself as an authority. And second is you leverage the readers.  If your content is good. You become popular and make money.

If you just focus on alone guest posting it will skyrocket your audience and sales.


Pinterest is something different from all the social media platforms like facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn but very powerful. it’s a visual sharing platform like images and videos and 70% are women on Pinterest, the popularity of Pinterest is growing day by day because it’s a search engine. In a short span of time, you increase your traffic tremendously if you use it right.

If you want a great influencer on Pinterest you have to create catching pin/design that attracts masses in the first look and follow the right technique. The technique of Pinterest is a huge subject not possible to describe here in this short post. If you want social media is filled with these types of courses.

Pinterest little tricky better learn some basic before going to Pinterest otherwise it wastes your precious time and effort. But when you adopt the skill it will boost your traffic faster than other sources of traffic.


Why youtube growing rapidly, the reason behind the success of youtube is people are lazy and wants to see live video sitting on the couch while eating popcorn or snacks.  And it has over one billion active users.

Leverage this social media platform to drive targeted traffic to your website through making eye-catching videos. Start your own youtube channel and start uploading your knowledge.

Youtube take less time to compare to google you get popularity in less time and the best part is its no need for deep knowledge about SEO.


Quora is my favorite and other question answer website you can drive targeted traffic from here. Make a profile on Quora, answer people question in the long description not little, build your loyal audience. You can link back to your website but follow 5-2 rules otherwise Quara ban you. Answer 5 question and link within two answers.

Ensure your answer should be in detail like a blog post, then people will follow you.

Try to make different sources of traffic never ever depend on one source.


The above free traffic sources leverage your traffic and make a huge contribution to your business. The above tactic highly helpful for a small budget owner who doesn’t have a big budget to purchase traffic sources.

Market expert says that you should not depend on one source of traffic. And one more thing it’s hard to pay attention to all the traffic sources at one time so it’s easy to focus on 2-3 sources of traffic excel there then move on to other sources.