Tuesday, October 11

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2018

How do you grow your YouTube Channel faster in this year? Well, the number one way to gets the view on YouTube is suggested videos. 39% of our daily views are coming from suggested videos. So this content I break down 3 tips and strategies for how can get the similar result with your content.

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Strategy number#1

How to get more views this year? If you go to your traffic sources, you can look at where views come from and traffic equals basically views. So where views come from, in this case, suggested videos 39%, YouTube search 27%, browse feature 15%, other 19%. It’s at the bottom of the page inside of your creator’s studio on the back end. And so what are these? And this might, maybe you’ve heard of this. Maybe this is new to you. What are those means? Well. What are the suggested videos? Suggested videos are the biggest way that we’re getting traffic any videos. So when some videos are on the side, those other videos that say like up next. You could see those are suggested a video. At the end, when a video ends videos pop up. Those are also suggested videos. There things like the browser, the YouTube homepage. You want to show up on the YouTube homepage, and you can go and see the numbers. And so three sources 81% of the views.

So how do you hack the suggested videos on YouTube?

In my opinion, this is the best way and this how you thinking in 2018. Do I want to be thinking, “what can we learn from House of Cards, Breaking Bad, The Office? You know basically your favorite TV show. But what we can specifically learn right from these shows. Is that they are bingable, right?

Strategy number#2

I think I remember when my wife Emma went on a trip, and I heard Bread Braking Bad was a popular show, she went Washington to visit some family for a couple weeks, and so I was just like. So what I am going to do? And I started it. I had a full-time job at the time and let me just say I was probably a bit irresponsible with how much sleep I was getting each night causes I may have been watching two, four, six episodes a night. Can you relate when you really fall into that bingeable loop? Well, what we’re learning from on bringing content on Netflix, on Hulu is so relevant to YouTube. In fact, it’s one of the most important YouTube strategies this year is that you would create bingeable content.    

Strategy number#3

So I want to share the strategy with you that we’re calling circular video viralocity. Circular video viralocity and ask yourself how can you apply this to your content and your niche? We’ve heard from a lot of people, in fact, let me know if you’ve ever binged content on video influencers. And it’s the result of international strategy through circular video viralocity. So here’s an example, now you know that I teach people how to get results with video. So, for example, I might do a video ”How to get started in video production”? Five tips How to get started. If you actually are starting in the video, that’s maybe some overview mindset stuff, but then you’re going to need a camera, right? So there is a camera buying guide, and that was a YouTube live stream that I did. So that’s another whole strategy. And then though you get the camera if you’re going to indoors, you need lights. Like lighting will helps your videos. But when you’ve started creating videos, and you’ve got a camera and you’ve got lighting. So how do you actually set up your YouTube channel? So how you get views on your YouTube Channel? And then you’ve got views on your YouTube channel, how do you make money on your YouTube channel, right? And so what’s happens though is because of creating circular viralocity is through suggested video.

Well, first you need to get started a video camera. Here is the tip number one of this is create related videos and serious. I want you to stop thinking in terms of one video at a time. What’s the next video I need to make and start thinking in a series of related and interconnected content in 2018?  Your goal is to show up in your own suggested videos.

Number 2 before recording plan call to actions other videos. So I might be like in the best camera’s, if you don’t have any lighting at all, it doesn’t matter how good your camera is. If you don’t invest in lighting and video cameras then it’s not going to produce good results.