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How to Recover Files From Formatted Hard Drive – Prominent Solution

“If you are trying to retrieve files from formatted HDD. You are at the right place. In this write-up, we will be going to discuss the eminent solution to recover files from the formatted hard drive. There is only one way to do the same. There is no manual solution is provided.”

In today’s technologically arena, we rely on our gadgets more than people. All of our important information, emails, work documents, and pictures are safely stored in our hard drives until we end up losing that precious data and hit the formatted button. Most of the people have ever encountered a situation where they found that there are still some crucial data on the hard disk after they formatted the hard drive. Users found that they just formatted a wrong hard drive while they were trying and planning to format another one. But, here is a good news i.e., you can retrieve your formatted data easily. Whatever the reason may be for your data loss, you can recover files from formatted hard drive using SysTools Hard Drive Formatted Data Recovery Software.

Quick Glance on Hard Drive Format Recovery

With the increase of digitalization of data, most of the users are showing concerned towards their valuable data. All the crucial data or memories, important emails, and all the personal information are stored in their hard drive. Mainly, the reasons for data loss from hard drive are mostly physical, but sometimes data might be deleted due to human error. For instance, formatting a hard drive without having a backup can result in the loss of valuable data collected over the years. Her, some possible causes why a hard drive fails and required to be formatted.

Hard Drive Crash: Inappropriate ventilation in the CPU fan can result in the crashing of the hard disk. In such cases, you can hear clicking noises coming from your device.

Failure: Internal or mechanical failures can occur the corruption into your files or folders on your hard drive. Your files become inaccessible or sometimes, you could face a black screen after the booting display.

Unreliable Power Supply: Using unstable power sources like too high or too low voltages to power your UPS can cause hard disk failure.

Corrupted Files or Folders: A immediate shutdown of your computer and laptop due to power surges can cause some files to become corrupt and make your hard drive to fail. Using malicious applications can also disperse a virus & malware in your machine leading to more corruption in files or folders.

Human Faults: As a human being, we are prone to mistakes. Accidental formatting without taking a backup also requires data recovery. Wrong installations of an operating system can cause the hard disk to fail, thereby needing a format.

Firmware Errors: Many times, it happens that the hard drive does not get detected by the PC. The system may get stuck in between the booting procedure, making it impossible for you to access your files.

All the above-stated reasons are behind causing your hard drive crash. Thus, the hard drive is often needed to be formatted in an attempt to repair the issues and errors. However, backing up necessary data is not a habit of every hard disk usage. Hence, it is little surprise that data is gone along with formatting the hard disk. Another data loss circumstance is that your hard drive is healthy, but you format it by accident. At this time, a user needs an appropriate solution to recover files from the formatted hard drive.

Automated Solution to Recover Files From Formatted Hard Drive

All the deleted data is still saved on the hard drive as long as it is not overwritten by new data, so it is possible to recover files from formatted hard drive with a format recovery application. There is an effective utility to recover data from formatted hard drive such as Hard Drive File Recovery Software. With the help of this application, you can easily recover data from the formatted hard drive. This utility is capable to recover corrupted NTFS and FAT32 partition. This recovery tool displays all images, documents, PPT, and all other archived files after completion of the recovery procedure. This software highlights the regained erased data files with red on the preview screen. This software has come with two version one is demo version and another one is the licensed version. The free version consists of some limitations like it just previews the entire recovered data. But in case, if you need to save the exact data then, you have to buy the licensed version. The licensed version software is able to recover permanently deleted files from the portable device without data loss.

Step to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

  1. Download and launch Hard Drive Data Recovery Software on your Windows PC recover data
  2. Now software provides two modes of data recovery Scan and Formatted Scan recover formatted data
  3. After that preview recovered data from software panel restore data
  4. Now you can save your data at the desired location formatted data recovery


In the complete write up we have discussed the automated solution to recover files from formatted hard drive named is SysTools Hard drive recovery software. It recovers data without any hassle.