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Indian Food and Overseas Indians

If you are an Indian who is living abroad, then nothing can make you happier than to have your favorite Indian food in a foreign country. This is due to the fact that the majority of Indians want Indian food, no matter wherever they go. Not even the Indian but also the other people who love spicy foods love to eat Indian foods. Because Indian foods are famous due to their special spices. Indian food, with its best aroma, cardamom-scented curries, roasted browned fish, vinegar-mixed sorpotel, awe-inspiring Hyderabadi biryanis’, fresh and divine jalebis’ (sweet dish), Punjabi Channa Masala, warm and cushy gulab jamuns'(sweets), is really hard to find in some other food on the planet.

Reasons Behind the Variety of Tastes

The varieties of Indian food tastes come first that is the reason most of the people love to taste Indian dishes. The mystery behind the essence of India is its different cultures, various climatic conditions, and various food crops. These are the primary explanations for the prevalence of the Indian foodstuff. With regards to the varieties of Indian food, there are north, south, east and west flavors are there to give a colossal taste to the Indian formulas. In north Indian flavor, the Punjabi and Mughalai and Kashmiri cooking styles are well known and with regards to southern India is celebrated for South Indian dishes. Assamese, Bengali, and Oriya cooking styles are most customary in East Indian food, with regards to the western nourishment, Maharashtrian and Gujarati foods are well known in Indian nourishment. Each and every area has its own novel taste and having diverse methods for cooking.

Indisk restaurant
Indisk restaurant

Problems for Overseas Indians in Finding Indian Food

People move to foreign countries in search of jobs, and some for business, some go to study and other for just for tourism. The reasons for moving to foreign countries may be different, but one of the common problems which every Indian face in abroad is “finding the Indian food”.


Every problem has some solution so that one also has but the solution varies from person to person. Here we are discussing the two major sorts of people abroad. The number one if who are actually decided to live there for the long span of time such as the students or who work there and the others are those who are there just for tourism.

Become Chef

No, no I’m not saying to turning out to be a professional chef (although it’s not a bad choice but in fact a very good career option) but here I am just saying that cook your food by yourself. Just call your mother or sister or spouse on Skype and ask them recipes and enjoy your cooking while chatting with your loved ones. Another option to watch the food tutorials on YouTube (a huge number of cooking videos are waiting for you there). You will definitely love the taste of your food. (Maybe it won’t be as good as you was expecting, but it won’t be too bad). This is the best solution for the persons who are living in abroad for work or study purpose because they need a permanent solution. So go ahead and try it out.

Avail dine out or Indian Take Away Facility

Another best and easy option is to find some Indian restaurant and avail their Take Away Facility. Google is here to help you out in finding the best Indian restaurant near you. So you can dine out in an Indian restaurant near you or you can easily get the Indian takeaway facility. This is the short-term solution and best for the tourists.