Jewellery set – Are you sure what to buy? Think twice

Have you ever thought what kind of jewelry set would go well with my personality? Like it’s an era of blessings, we have so many choices in life. Despite the fact that we’ve come a long way, millions are still unaware of what would actually go well with them.

If you are rather one of those who are seen with their ” trademark ” heavy gold jewellery all the time then it’s not gonna cut it. You won’t look good and the worst case scenario is people start to believe you have no sense of fashion/trend. It doesn’t take too much, just a few points on the checklist and you are one of the head turners in an event.

Considering jewellery set designs, there is a scent, an essence that makes it bind to your personality and that’s why we have so many jewellery set designs. While this idea seems pretty confusing, I’m here to share my insights. Here are 5 tips to decide the perfect jewellery set that goes really well with your personality.

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1- Your jewellery set must not outshine you

This one is really important. The purpose of the jewellery set is to blend well with your personality so that both of you look elegant. If you have casual and a cool kind of personality and you are wearing a royal type of jewellery set that is quite heavy then the chances of jewellery set outshining you are too much. When it happens, people are gonna notice the jewellery set but not you.

2-  More is Good – A wrong approach

Unless you are an Egyptian Pharaoh, ” more is good ” approach is pretty wrong. In this era, people are moving towards compact and elegant jewellery sets and wear only what’s right for them, the occasion and their gathering. If you wear huge jewellery set on the wedding, party and casually then you better know what kind of notion you are giving to others. So more is not good, optimum is good.

3- It should go well with your dressing

Your jewellery set must be capable of blending well with your dressing. For that I would recommend thinking about what kind of dressing you do, color you wear, themes you follow and trends you grab on most of the time. Grab a jewellery set that links to all of these. With that, it would be easy to wear it most of the time as it can go well with your dressing.

4- Make it prominent

Now I’m not talking about going to each and every person and letting them know what beautiful jewellery set you’ve got on your neck. It’s about making it prominent with action. Each set has a scent, essence, and personality with it. When you’ve worn a heavy and royal set, act like a queen. When you’ve got a compact casual one, be cool and casual.

5- Avoid too much unless you are good with it

You’ve probably spotted those extra fancy overly done jewellery sets with green, red and white shades alongside the classic gold shade. If you are pretty sure you’re personality can handle it then go for it. Trying to get noticed with such a shiny piece would result in a catastrophic failure of your personality – That’s the last thing we dream of.

These were my five insights which were supposed to help you get your hands onto the right jewellery. So for the very next time when you find yourself in the jewellery shop, be known for what you want and what is supposed to go well with your personality. Make the right choice and let both the jewellery and your personality bloom and a head turner. Feel free to comment.

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