Monday, October 10

Kerala Floods: Here’s What India Can Learn

Tears of helplessness and desperation are what is left of God’s own country. The devastating flood has not left anything untouched in the state. The aftermath is even worse. Everyone out there is suffering from the viral fever and the other waterborne disease including the most dangerous leptospirosis which is better known as Rat Fever. If we see, other countries like UAE is ready to help us – UAE or the United Arab Emirates has promised to extend an assistance of Rs. 700 crore for reconstruction effort of the perilous flood effected Road, Air , and Railway tracks. But Out BJP Govt denied it.

Although the health community has asked the people to be cautious about these communicable diseases which are spread through the urine of infected rats and other contaminated sources like water and food, hardly anything can be done to revive the lives we have lost.

The people who survived this devastating flood are doing no better. They don’t have a roof to live, food to eat, purified water to drink; after the flood there life itself has become a new challenge for them. The flood washed away all the colors from their lives. Never did they ever dreamt of waking up to such a painful day in their life.

The whole nation it trying their best to support the people of Kerala in all possible ways; be it by offering food, money, clothes or anything that a life needs to survive such drastic conditions. In a situation like this, let’s just stand united and pray for the best. We may not be able to recover the losses but we can definitely help them overcome the challenges life is throwing in their way now.