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Michael Cooke Kendrick Bio

Anna Kendrick is a popular face of Hollywood, and at the same time, she has lots of fan following; it is true. But, if you are aware of his elder brother? Well, he is also a popular face of Hollywood, and he is also a famous face of the industry as an actor. This article will be a guide of yours that will help you know about Michael Cooke Kendrick’s bio.

Who is Michael Cooke Kendrick?

He is a popular face of the holly wood industry, and he has taken part in several blockbuster movies. Though he hasn’t gained much game, he has gained lots of love from many people, and from this industry, he got his nickname cookie monster. His acting skills and personality attract many people towards him, and soon he becomes a favorite person of many. Still, most people know him as the elder brother of Anna Kendrick, and many of them are unaware of his acting skills, which is very unfortunate.


William Kendrick and Janiece Kendrick, a teacher and an accountant, gave birth to him on the year 2nd march 1983, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. He went to Deering high school to complete the education, and there, also he has created his own mark. Later he joined acting in American TV series and movies, but his career was not so long. He is distinguished as the elder brother of his sister Anna Kendrick.

Personal life

The popular actor has spent his life like a general person. As his father is a history teacher and his mother is an accountant, his childhood was spent like a very normal person, but from that time, most of the person gets attracted by his lifestyle and nature. His personal life is also a natural one, and he is still known as the elder brother of Anna Kendrick. The person is married to Liza Kendrick, and there are no details about their kids available. He is a popular face of Instagram, and he is very much active on both of the social media platforms. He also wants to keep their life behind the paparazzi’s eyes, and he wants to keep their life story private. This is the logic why most people are unaware of his family and his whereabouts. Even most of the people are unaware of his love story, so it proves that he wants to keep his secrets private.

Michael Cooke

In the year 2012, from his social handle, he provides or posted his wife’s picture to his fans but hasn’t shared anything about his dating history as his personal life. So, it can be said that he is a very private person, and he wants to leave behind the lenses. All of his personal data can be collected from his social media account; besides that, there is no data about him.

According to his social media accounts, it proves that he and his younger sister carriers great bonding, and there is no controversy in his general life. He shares a happy family life, and he is also very caring of his family members. He is now 38 years old, and he shares a good personality that attracts many people.


Though he is a famous actor, his sister is more famous than him, and most of the people know him as per the name of his sister. He debuted in a film where he plays the role of Jason, looking for the echo in the year 2000. This actor was also known as the television actor who has appeared in the celebrity ghost series and close celebrity calls.

Though his acting career is so small and played a small role in the movies, his career is very small. Still, he got a good role in the movies, and he became a favorite person of most due to his personality. His amazing personality catches everyone’s heart, and soon he becomes popular among the people.


Unlike any other personality, he also shares a good net worth; according to the data of many sources, his current net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. It proves that it is quite high, and it is a standard one like any other American actor or actress.