Thursday, October 13

Nasa’s New Plan for Solving Mysteries of the Sun

There are a lot of mysteries involving the universe that remain unsolved till date. Our sun is one of the points of unsolved mysteries which makes geophysicists work day and night to bring out the truth.

Solar physicists are curious for decades about a single question related to the solar atmosphere. The question is that why atmosphere of our Sun is hotter than its surface. Experts from all around the world are still trying to find its answer. This answer is highly sought as it has a deep impact on our lives.

The atmosphere of our Sun known as the ‘Corona’ gives out powerful explosions of particles and plasma which create a different atmosphere around the region and when propagates is very much capable of disrupting the communications on the earth. The biggest example is the Hurricane Irma in 2017 where solar flare caused problems to communicate in hurricane hit areas.

To solve this mystery NASA has decided to launch a spacecraft towards the surface of the sun. This will be named as “Parker Solar Probe”. Named after the first person to discover solar winds Eugene Parker the spacecraft will take pictures of the solar atmosphere and sense other elements which will be used to solve this decade old mystery. This spacecraft is equipped with a special heat shield that can work in the extreme hot conditions. Scheduled to be launched on 11th August but is prone to delay if weather conditions are not favourable.

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