Monday, October 10

Nicki Minaj – My Worst Enemy Is Myself !

Nicki Minaj is acting weird and condemning herself because of her new album. She has laid low on social media and worked on her music album. But when she returned to the world with her newly released album, all the mess followed her along with her debut. She wants to make sure that she is superior to everyone – The ‘Queen’ of music. Apparently, she’s been trying to seek revenge on her haters online – labelling them ‘keyboard warriors’.

But unfortunately, everyone on the internet is getting hurt by Nicki, even her loyal fans. She is firing at everyone and everything. She tries to empower women at first, then shames women that are sluts and when the media criticizes her album she accuses Scott of using Jenner and their kid to stop her album from reaching the top. She even ganged up with a rapper who committed sexual offenses to join her in a tour.

No matter how bad things seem, Nicki is still the best rapper in the industry. Her legacy cannot be compared. She is the inspiration to other women rappers who is getting into the industry. She has proven that women can make it by using rapping and hip-hop. One can outshine males sometimes.

People have felt that Nicki Minaj’s attitude has to change. Everyone thinks that she has changed and perhaps her legacy as being the top has something to do with it. They also feel that it is interesting watching Nicki spiral at the top. She’s been creating drama on her social media and everyone is reeling off it. It makes people actually forget how good she really is. Is it a spiral upward or a spiral downwards? She needs to change. Most people are attacking her on social media, but actually most of the other stars as well as her friends just want to leave it alone.

Nicki’s friends hope that her attitude changes. Others said that people wanted to defend Jenner from Nicki’s attack. She has been too much and everyone wants to see Nicki pick up and change her attitude.