Tuesday, October 11

Know-How to Access Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX files in Microsoft Outlook

“If you are looking for a way to open Thunderbird data files in Outlook, then consider using the solution given in this article. There is no direct method of doing the same. And the alternatives often lead to awful results. Thus, go through this article and find exactly what you require – A reliable method to open Thunderbird MBOX files in Outlook.”

Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook – Both these email clients are among the most used email management applications on a global scale. With Outlook being the most dominant desktop email client currently. But still, the fact remains that Thunderbird users have been migrating to the Outlook platform. The reasons vary from user-to-user but this article is not about that. Instead, we will focus on the problem at hand i.e., how to access Thunderbird data in Outlook environment. But first, why users are struggling to find a good solution?

Are you struggling to transfer your emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

The first and foremost solution for any problem is to look for methods within the application. But that is not helpful in this case. Users cannot depend on Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook to migrate the email messages. Thunderbird does not have an option to export its data in Outlook compatible format. And the import functionality of Outlook doesn’t support Thunderbird or its MBOX files. True, there are some methods involving external application such as Eudora, Mac Mail, Gmail and so. But anyone who has tried them would know how outdated and awful the results are.

email migration

But don’t worry! In a moment, we will showcase a conversion utility that is perfect for such situations. It is an affordable utility that excels in overcoming such email migration challenges. It does not matter what reasons you have for such migration or the fact that you have orphan MBOX files or Mozilla Thunderbird installed on your system. You can still convert all your files using SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter and open the emails in Outlook without any issues.

A Quick Glance on Users Scenarios to Transfer Thunderbird Data

There are a number of situations hidden within the need of transferring emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. We have evaluated and described them below:

Scenario 1: User has Thunderbird email client installed in his/her system and requires to transfer all its data into the Outlook email client.

Scenario 2: User has taken the backup of Thunderbird data in MBOX files and requires to open them in Outlook platform. Thunderbird is not available in this case.

Scenario 3: User has Thunderbird configured in the system and also possess the associated MBOX files. Then end requirement being able to access the emails in MS Outlook.

Unrelated Scenario: The amount of data that needs to be transferred can also be counted in different scenarios. For example, a user may only need to export some selective emails or mailbox folders from Thunderbird to Outlook. While the other user may require to open all Thunderbird files in Outlook.

Reading through the given scenarios reveal that a user either possess orphan MBOX files or has all the data within Thunderbird. In practical terms, the solution for each situation will differ. But with the given MBOX to PST converter, it is easy to get accurate results in all the given scenarios.

Flexible Solution to Open Thunderbird MBOX files in Outlook

Although the file formats used by Thunderbird and Outlook differ from each other, the fact remains that they both store emails. Thus with an MBOX to PST converter, it is possible to extract emails from Thunderbird data files and save them in PST format. With the help of this application, you can easily open all your Thunderbird files in Outlook. The given solution not only perform conversion irrespective of having Thunderbird or not, but it also ensures that the email messages are converted accurately.

This accuracy includes:

  • Mailbox folder structure
  • Message formatting
  • Inline Images
  • Email Header Information
  • And other metadata attributes

This solution provides dual scanning modes that let a user scan both the MBOX file and Thunderbird database without any hassle. It is also available as a free demo version that enables a user to scan and preview all the emails and attachments of added Thunderbird files. The limitation is that it only allows conversion of 25 emails per folder to PST format. However, the licensed full version of the software can easily extract data from Thunderbird and save them in Outlook format without any limitations.

Steps to Convert Thunderbird files into Outlook PST format:

Step 1: Download & Launch MBOX to PST Converter on your Windows system.

mbox to pst converter

Step 2: Add multiple MBOX files or choose the option to Auto detect Thunderbird mailbox.

scanning Thunderbird files

Step 3: Preview all the emails and attachments within the tool’s interface.

preview Thunderbird emails with attachments

Step 4: Export the Thunderbird MBOX emails into PST file format.

export Thunderbird data in PST format

Step 5: Open the PST files in Outlook and access all your Thunderbird emails without issues.


In this write-up, we provided multiple scenarios within the need to open Thunderbird MBOX files in Outlook. We also discussed a flexible solution that can be used to import MBOX files to Outlook and gain the required results in all the given scenarios. This SysTools MBOX to PST converter can convert Thunderbird data into Outlook compatible format without any hassle.