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Process to Get Digital Signature Certificate for an Individual in India

Before understanding the process, it is very important to know what is the digital certificate signature is.  Why it is important? Digital signature is an electronic signature of an individual. It is issued under subsection 4 of section 35. It plays a magnificent role as it took away the concept of traditional paper based signing with electronic fingerprint. Moreover, it is highly beneficial as it ensures the legitimacy of the signer. It is necessary for an individual to have digital signature in order to get appointed as a director of a company. If a person do not hold digital signature, he/she is not eligible to get appointed as a director of a company. As entire system has become online, it enables an individual to sign your document digitally. Process of digital signature certificate of registration in Delhi is simpler in comparison to other state. Digital signature certificate is issued to the companies which truly represent the material fact. It provides information about individual like his name, designation and name of certifying authority. It proves public key which is used for verifying the signature. Digital signature is mostly used to annex the legal documents.

Process to get digital signature certificate for an individual

Step 1: log on and select your type of entity i.e., whether for an individual or for a company

Step 2: Fill all the necessary as well as required details

Step 3: Need to submit the legal proof as an identity of an individual who is applying for DSC i.e, PAN card, proof of address, Aadhar card or email id

Step 4: take signature on the application form and subscribers agreement

Step 5: the payment for Digital Signature Certificate via demand draft or cheque

Step 6: post all the required documents with complete set to the corporate office

Digital signature issued by Controller of Certifying Authority. List of licensed certifying authority are available on CCA website which you can see at any time just by log in to the website. As digital signature certificate use by all the web browser and servers in order to provide assurances that the published content has not been modified by any unauthorized person. As per section 2 of information technology act, 2000 Certifying authority is a person to whom license has been granted for issuing digital signature certificate. There are certain duties of Certifying Authority under Section 30 of Information Technology Act, 2000:

  • It shall make use hardware, software and procedure that are secure from intrusion and misuse.
  • Certain level of reliability has also been provided in accordance to the performance of planned functions.
  • Another major duty performed by certifying authority is to observe all such standard as specified by regulations
  • While allotting digital signature, it ensures that every person recruited by it complies with the provision of act, rules and regulations.

It is essential for sole proprietor/ individual to have DSC under a proprietorship firm registration.

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