What Can Be Expected From Latest Pubg Xbox Update May 2019

PUBG is love, we all agree on that and watching our love blooming day after day is an absolute enjoyment. If you’re an Xbox owner and prefer to undergo PUBG sessions on Xbox then it’ gonna be good news for you. It’s from the official authorities – update #7 is coming to the servers soon. I know you’ve got so much to ask about this new PUBG Xbox update but I’m here to cover all about it, let’s proceed.

Starting with the basic – What is this update all about? Well from the official authorities we’ve got the following ” This update features the new MP5K, Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, Survival Title System Season 2, Erangel loot balances, rendering optimization, bug fixes, and more “

The update is scheduled to go on the following times PDT: May 27 10 PM – May 28 2 AM and CEST: May 28 7 AM – 11 AM.

For exact tech head details of this update you may head to the official website of the PUBG and find it there but if you just wanna skim through the important parts, keep reading.

MP5K – Sub Machine Gun

Mp5k - the new one in pubg xbox update

With the new update, we can see a new submachine gun coming up better known as the MP5K which is chambered for the 9mm ammunition.

Vector and MP5K shares the same firing mechanism. However, the MP5K boasts a higher per bullet damage, but with a lower overall firing rate and DPS. Considering the magazine capacity, it has a higher capacity as compared to the Vector starting at 30 rounds by default with 40 rounds in an extended magazine

The wildcard 3 has now come to Xbox with this new update and that’s kind of a big deal, for more details and pricing you may check out the official authorities or spot it in the gameplay.

Besides these two major key changes, we are seeing numerous bug fixes and gameplay smoothing factors which are really a satisfaction. Some of the prime fixes are

  • With this new update, the rustling sounds regarding the weapon holding is changed. The is a separate rustle sounds now play when equipping weapons in your hands and there is another separate sound when you are holstering a weapon on your back
  • No matter what kind of weapon you are carrying, the gameplay now offers the same sound for rustling.
  • If someone’s coming fast, they are gonna sound fast. With this update the faster you move, the louder is the noise made which can then be heard from further away
  •  and help in multiple ways
  • Audible distance and volume of the rustling sound changes dynamically based on the characters movement speed
  • System menu UI  has been redesigned and it can be accessed by pressing the start button.
  • Regarding the streaming priority, it has been made better by predicting the movement direction of the Player.
  • Hated it when it took forever to load internal objects in the game?, Well it’s no longer the case as the internal object loading speed has been increased.
  • Hitching which occurs when texture streams have been optimized.
  • Remember the time when you were able to see past walls by abusing the remote mechanism? Well, it’s gone, Now they have countered this issue.
  • As for now after this update, players with poor network connectivity take damage when exiting moving vehicles
  • Now certain object would appear in the same place to all the players
  • At certain locations where the items become stuck on the floor and were unable to be picked up, well it’s gone

Well those are some of the prominent features of the latest PUBG Xbox update 7, tell us how this update got you covered up in the comment section below

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