Monday, October 10

Quick easy makeup tips with limited products

Every woman is beautiful but who said makeup is harm, and being a girl, we all love being highlighted and on the top always. But the major problem arrives when we see the maps that make us sad, and then all our diva dreams drop away. But today we have something extraordinary for you that is going to make you feel pro in make with just three things and you are good to go. Yes, dear, you don’t need those expensive bunch of products to have a great party makeup only these three products, and you are ready to rock and roll.

The three products

  1. Compaq
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Lipstick

 These three fabulous products and you are going to rock and roll. So now keep your products ready so that we can start with our pro tip.

  • Wash your face, and make sure your look is clean and dirt free.
  • Wipe your face and let it dry.
  • Moisturize your face and keep it ready for the makeup
  • Now once your face is prepared to take a pleasant shade of lipstick and draw lines on your chin line and under-eye
  • Make sure it is not too dark, and that might look weird.
  • Once you have drawn the counter lines rub them even to tone them on face
  • You can also apply a little on your eyelid and as an eyeshadow and make your look ready.
  • Now tap compact on your face and make you look good 
  • Apply a winged eyeliner and with eyeliner apply on your lashes and make your mascara look.
  • Apply lipstick, and you are ready to go.


Now, these are some essential tips that you should follow when you are going for simple party makeup where a lot of products are not required. When its something that has to deal with the face, then you will always be sure and careful. Lets now have a look at the tips and care.

  • Always use the right Compaq shade as too dark or too light might make you look like a ghost
  • Lipstick should be taken dark as you have to use it to shape also
  • Make sure your eyeliner is smudge-free
  • Always keep the linear from the tip to tip don’t leave a gap in between your eyelid and linear
  • Dust your face with powder to keep the look long last

These are some big pro tips that can help you to keep your make go lost last and elegant. 

So now you don’t need a bunch of makeup to get ready on your special days. Just these few products and you can get party-ready.