Tuesday, October 11

Serena’s ‘Black Panther’ Cat-Suit is No More Valid

The 36-year-old United States Tennis icon Serena Williams will be disqualified if she wears the same ‘Black Panther’ suit again at the French Open. She said that the desire of wearing her catsuit is motivated from the Marvel comics movie ‘Black Panther’. When she plays with this, it makes her feel like a ‘warrior princess’.

However, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) has made it clear that the kind of outfit she is publicly displaying breaks the rules and regulations of a game. Her outfit is too far to behold the fun of the sport. But from the statement of Serena, it is clear that the cat-suit was specially made to protect against the blood clots. The doctors have identified a large swelling outside the vessels i.e. hematoma. Recently she gave birth of her daughter Olympia.

Some spectators are offended by her costume. They have commented about the skinny outfit. The media has backlashes the chief, saying the suit to be very odd in that particular game. The FFT president Bernard Giudicelli said that a certain limit to the clothing will be maintained for the 2019 Roland Garros. He also said that one should respect the game and the place.

The chief has said that the manufacturers are going to design costumes for the 2019 French open. No offense will be seen regarding the upcoming events. If the American star wants to participate in the game, she has to say goodbye to her ‘Black Panther’ costume.