Monday, October 10

Some Tips for Booking Cheap Domestic Flight Tickets

Well planned travel goes a long way that ensure you have a good time without hassle and burning a hole in your pocket. It’s always better to purchase air tickets in advance. It is found that airfares usually go up two weeks before departure. So it’s an excellent idea to do Domestic Airline Booking in two week advance. Booking your ticket at least six-seven weeks before your travel in domestic sector is for believed consider to be a good way to save bucks.

One of the best way to save money on domestic flights id to keep an eye on flights fare. There are many sites or online portal where you can compare air ticket cost without going daily on airline website. It gives a sense of where flights tickets are heading and you can take an informed decision about your reservation. Cheap deals only come to your way when you are flexible with your travel date, timing, and location and sometimes about your alternate airport. This is really helpful when you are doing your booking through consolidators. Generally flight price keeps fluctuating and it varies awfully when it comes to holidays and weekends.

Consistently we get fixated by a large airport that we miss the opportunity to save few bucks that comes with departing from smaller airport. Never for the first price have you seen on website. It’s always better to check more option before you take a plunge. Flight tickets at a time differ from agent to agent and carrier to carrier. If you are continual traveler and have accumulated flier miles, tree redeem your bonus point for your airfares. Some airlines allocator limited seats on each flight for frequent flier and they go quite fast. Try subscribe offers and deals alerts from flight booking providers. These alerts are good way to keep track of any promotional offers or discount deals launched by airline itself or its travel partners.

Check your flight cost after 24 hrs. of booking your flights. If the price gone down cancel your ticket and re book your ticket at low cost. It may charge cancellation cost but the money you will save is more even after deduction. Sometimes you see when booking a return ticket are get immensely high either for going or for coming back. In that case you can play mix and match game means try to mix and max your flight timing or book your air tickets from another airlines. Flying to one airport and exiting from another can help to save you some money. Try to book your domestic tickets on a connecting flights rather than direct flight so you could save few bucks depending on the route you are flying.  Make sure you have enough time to catch your next flight. Big airports require minimum 3-4 hrs. to catch a connecting flights. Don’t plan your vacation during peak season like ester, Christmas, New Year or thanks giving days.

P.S-These are few tips you can try while booking your domestic flights to save money.