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Storify News Report: Marie Osmond’s son was bullied before his suicide: ‘I never took action’

Marie Osmond uncovered that her child, Michael Blosil, was tormented before his demise by suicide in 2010.

Talking on “The Talk” Tuesday, the 59-year-old artist talked freely just because about her child’s torment and how she believes she took care of the circumstance at the time.

“I haven’t spoken about this previously however … my child, who kicked the bucket, he was harassed,” she revealed to her co-has. “He was tormented vigorously until the time that he ended it all.”

The star clarified that three children focused on Michael, who kicked the bucket at age 18, because of his “balance.”

“I have the writings, they’re loathsome and I never made a move against it,” she stated, “however I can let you know really that I accept that was a high segment in him simply feeling overpowered and that he didn’t fit in. I never made a move against the three children, I know what their identity is. Possibly it is anything but an ill-conceived notion to have some result, since it’s escaping hand.”

Michael was one of five kids Osmond embraced with spouse Brian Blosil. She likewise has three natural youngsters.

Osmond’s co-have, Sheryl Underwood, inquired as to whether she would reevaluate her choice not to make a move if there were cyberbullying laws in actuality at the time.

“In my heart, I feel they comprehend what they did and they need to live with that result,” Osmond reacted. “That is somewhat where I remained on it. In any case, possibly it’ll help different children that don’t ponder it pay attention to it.”

The star as of late opened up to “CBS Sunday Morning” about her child’s passing, clarifying that she is as yet managing her sadness.

“You know, I don’t believe you’re ever through it,” she said. “I think God gives you breaks, and after that unexpectedly it’ll hit you like the day it did.

“The progressively outstretching influence is so immense, what you abandon.”

“The Talk” co-have recently uncovered that Michael had been experiencing wretchedness. He entered recovery in 2007 for undisclosed reasons, as indicated by Page Six.

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