Thursday, October 13

Surge of Refugees from Southern Cameroon Puts Nigeria at Risk of Humanitarian Crisis

Barely twenty-three months into the row which ensued between the Northern and Southern Cameroonian zones, the later has been faced with serious threats to existence. Lately, over 6000 residents in parts of the Southern Cameroon communities sharing a border with one of the Nigeria communities have fled into Nigeria as refugees.

Heinous crimes have been perpetrated both by the government forces and the gunmen from both conflicting zones. Sexual assaults, indiscriminate killings, and looting are tips of the iceberg in the violence that has so far wrecked serious havoc on the communities in Southern Cameroon. Since the inception of this tragedy, over a thousand people have lost their lives and not fewer than a hundred thousand people have been displaced from their homes in the affected communities.

Additionally, it was gathered that living condition gets worsened as the day passes by. Most of the refugees interviewed complained of neglect by the Cameroonian government in the protection of lives and properties and pleaded with the Nigerian authority and United Nations to come to their aid.

Nigeria currently being faced with internal crisis emanating from different militia groups especially in the Northeastern part of the country is also battling with food shortage and adequate provision of security and social amenities for her citizens.

It was gathered from local heads of these communities where refugee camps were located that if the Federal Government of Nigeria did not liaise with the Cameroonian authority, life will become more difficult for both the refugee and the citizens of Nigeria in the host communities.