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The Different types of Nail Extensions-Designs ,types History ,Prices ,& How to apply nail extensions

The Different  Types of Nail Extensions-Designs, types History, Prices,& How to apply nail extensions

We can get many types of nail extensions. The popular ones are Hard Gel, Dip Powder, Acrygel/Polygel, Acrylics, Gel-X, Fiber Glass, BIAB, Silk Wrap. Their maintenance is required every 2 weeks.


Nail extensions were discovered in 1954 by FRED SLACK. While he was working in the clinic he broke his fingernail & created an artificial nail with dental acrylic as a replacement. After that in the late ’70s, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom invented professional liquid & powder used in acrylics. The origin comes from china. The ancient Chinese considered long nails as a symbol of status.

What do you mean by nail extension?

They are the artificial nails that are applied to the original nail to make it longer n beautiful which makes fingertips more attractive and gorgeous. Nails are covered with Fiberglass and acrylic to increase their strength and durability.

Gel nail extension

Gel extensions are composed of a composite gel material & it is also known as gel overlays. Their price with the kit goes around $36. These nails stay up to two-three weeks.

Fiberglass nail extension

They are also said as silk extensions or silk nail wraps. In these extensions, nails are covered with soft fiberglass to give nails a crystal clear and fine look. These nails price along with kit goes around $52

Acrylic nail extensions

In this, an acrylic composite material is applied to nails. Acrylic nail extension’s price starts from around $15 to $21. These nails stay up 3 weeks.

Tip nail extension

Tip nails increase the length of the nails but the structure of the nails remains flat. These nail’s price goes up to $18.

Form nail extensions

These nails also increase the length of the nails and are not flat at all. They are cutes into pointed-like talon structures which makes them look more pointed. These nails cost up to $20.

Nail wraps

Nail wraps are created with the help of fiberglass, silk fabric, and Lenin. these wraps are stuck on nails with the help of resin or glue. This material strengthens the nails but does not provide length to them. This treatment is more expensive than other nails. This material is also used to fix broken nails. They stay up to 2 weeks.

Nail tips

These tips are made by strong bendable material acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. They are attached to naturals nails to give them different designs and to provide the length as per customers’ satisfaction.  Clear or white are the most used shades in it. They only stay for 1 week.

Dip powder

A clear liquid is applied to the nails and then a pigment powder is placed on them. This method does not require any UV/LED light .and they last upto 1 month. They can be removed by the drill-off method, buff out the layer of the powder, clip-off method, or by soaking in acetone the layer on the nails slide one by one.

Steps to remove nail extensions at home

       1.Fill a bowl of nail polish remover. Put your nails in that bowl.

  1. Soak your nails in remover for at least 30 minutes. Until that the layers will start getting off your nails.
  2. After the layer are removed. Gently and softly try to pull extensions out of your original nails. After that, you will have your natural nails.
  3. Clean your natural nails with warm water and remove the excess out of your nails. apply a bit of lotion on nails. That’s it…

Benefits of nail extensions

They prevent splits, nail-biting, & breakage. Acrylic nails help to fix broken nails damaged or short nails. When someone is not able to grow their nails properly nail tipping, nail wrapping, nail sculptures, acrylic overlays methods are used. If acrylic nails are not removed properly they may cause damage to natural nails. An experienced nail professional should ensure nail health and care….