Monday, October 10

The Era of Automation

Going beyond mechanization, automation is the second step in the breadth of industrialization, especially in developed nations like the USA. Robotics being another high-level advancement in the field of technology has left no stone unturned in proving itself valuable in industries. From humanoids to self-driving cars, very soon we will be in contact with such highly intelligent machines for most of our time. Whether we like it or not, the robots are bound to come in the near future.

As follows, the Robotics and automation business companies in United States will indulge in various meaningful deals and produce some remarkable piece of machines. The products that they are trying to bring in are all distinct from one another and thus, create a wide range. They are all designed to improve the quality of manufacturing in all sorts of factories and make this process more efficient as well as profitable. For example, a company has begun making industrial robots for power plants so that the human labor can be reduced to these robots and skilled workers can focus on high-end tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is a flourishing field now and obviously, the next few decades will see a lot of emerging Robotics and automation firm companies in the United States as the Americans are heavily investing and trusting this latest pair of technology. As a matter of fact, the global robotics industry is expanding at a compound annual growth rate in the teens or greater. Six of the world’s ten most innovative companies are into robotics and automation. Also, some of these companies are inventing some very interesting robots and machines that the entire world will be looking forward to.

One emerging robotics firm is using artificial intelligence in almost everything, right from Mars explorers to artificial hearts. One other firm is making robots for power plants as well as medical imaging purposes. Not just limited to manufacturing, robotics is making a great entry into the toy world as well with another company making a toy robot that’s also a programming platform. Thus, the number of purposes that a robot can be made for is infinite and these upcoming industries are determined to fashion more and more intelligent devices in our daily lives.

The reason why more companies are investing in automation and robotics is all the advantages associated with it. Like, the elimination of medical costs, paid leave and holidays associated with a human operator. Further, it does not require other employee benefits such as bonuses, pension coverage etc. Unlike human beings, robots also do not face exhaustion, resulting in products with steady quality. One more benefit of automation is its ability to make the manufacturing process more flexible. Humans have to train while adding a new task in the assembly line, however, robots can be programmed to do anything.

In conclusion, this is the beginning of a new era where machines will be as smart as humans and will be capable of outperforming them as well. The use of robotics and automation in the industry will thus commence the era of automation into our worlds.