Monday, October 10

TheOneSpy Review – Most Demanding Android Spy Software

TheOneSpy is the most demanding android spy software and over the years the brand has reached the next level along with its multiple states of the art products. It has a number of tools that enable a user to monitor all the activities happen on the target Android mobile phone. Furthermore, it has a user –friendly interface along with the reasonable price and with the easy installation process. This will really help out non-tech savvy users to install it within no time. Moreover, let’s discuss how to install the android monitoring software on the target mobile phone device.

Install cell phone spy app for android

First and foremost you have to subscribe for the mobile phone spy app for android and you will receive an email that contains the credentials. Moreover, you have to have access to the target device and then you can install the best android monitoring app on the target device. The moment you have installed on the target device successfully.

Then you just need to activate it on the target device and while you are doing it you will receive a pop-up message either you want to use the android surveillance app secretly or not. Make your best option and activate on the target device. Furthermore, you just need to use the passcode and ID and you will be able to get access to the online control panel of the android monitoring software. Then you will be able to visit all the tools of the Android tracking app that makes you capable enough to spy on the target device to the fullest.

Cell phone spy app for android tools

MIC bug

It enables a user to remotely get control over the target device MIC with the help of MIC bug app and you can record and listen surround sounds. Moreover, you can control the back and front camera of the target Android phone to capture visuals with spycam bug and can remotely capture images with camera bug app.


You can remotely listen to the surround sounds and conversations with spy360 live camera streaming in real time. Moreover, you can view live surround visuals on the target Android phone by using the spy360 live camera streaming.

Call spy

You can easily record and listen to the live calls either incoming or outgoing on the target mobile phone device using android call spy app. Further, you can store recorded calls on the internet.

GPS location tracking

You can easily monitor GPS location of the target android mobile phone with GPS location tracker for android. However, you can get to know the current and exact location of the target device along with location history and further you can mark safe and restricted areas.

IM’s social media

You can easily view IM’s logs such as chat conversations, messages, audio and video conversations, shared media such as photos and videos and last but not the least sent Voice messages of WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook and telegram.

Live screen recording

You can do the live screen recording of all the instant messaging apps such as Facebook Live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording, WhatsApp live screen recording and others. Further, you can use password chaser, you can do chrome screen recording, SMS screen recording YouTube screen recording and email screen recording.

Android remote controller

You can remotely view all the installed apps on the target android cell phone; you can block text messages remotely, block incoming calls and block internet access using the android remote controller.

Email monitoring

You can easily monitor all the sent and received emails on the target phone with help of android tracking spyware.

Text messages spy

You can simply read and view all the sent and received text messages on the target Android smartphone, tablets and pads. You can further spy on all the sent received SMS, MMS, BMM chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

Browsing History

This tool will enable you to know what sort of websites the target person has visited on the target android phone and what websites user have bookmarked on the cell phone installed the browser.


TheOneSpy will provide you most demanding android spying software that enables you to view all the activities happen on the target android cell phones and even on gadgets to fullest.