Thursday, October 13

Tinder & Coffee meet Bagel for 60+

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!”– Hunter S. Thompson

There’s a saying that many people live till 80 but are already dead by the time they turn 40. Life is not a number but an experience to be cherished and treasured. What has age got to do with life anyways!! If you are at the threshold of 60 and begin to wonder as to what’s more left in life, be rest assured you are in for a surprise ☺ Yes! You have had your problems, the anxieties and tensions, those responsibilities that had to be duly filled….and as you now start approaching the 60’s, you begin to worry about the loneliness that stares at you and the creeping thought about how are you going to cope with it? Well! Here are a few mantras to help you rediscover yourself and make you feel young at heart again ☺

  1. Stop thinking that you are 60: Yes! That’s the first mantra. You have seen and overcome humongous challenges in life. And that required abundance of energy. Don’t let that energy fizz out now! Instead, channelize those energies to relive life to the fullest.
  2. Life has just started: Remember the first day of college? The excitement? The fun? The anticipation of good times ahead? That’s exactly what you have to envision now!! You are entering perhaps the most happening phase of your life and you got to believe and feel that a life full of excitement and fun awaits you!
  3. Have fun and be happy: Hop into the dating wagon. 2 of the best online dating apps are ‘Tinder’ and ‘Coffee meet Bagel’. Go ahead…and register yourself. You will be amazed at how wonderful, exciting and beautiful life can once again be

Alright! You are now charged up and that’s excellent!!! Let’s show you the details of how to register yourself on ‘Tinder’ and ‘Coffee meet Bagel’:

  1. Download the apps for Android or iOS depending on your phone type.
  2. Log in with Facebook ID.
  3. Allow the apps to access and grant all permissions.
  4. Tinder also allows an additional registration process other than Facebook. You can create your account using your phone number. A sms verification would be sent to the phone for validation.
  5. Both the apps do not post any information on Facebook so your privacy is absolutely assured.
  6. Fill in all the profile Information fields.
  7. Put in your profile photo along with the additional photos that you wish to upload.

There you are! All you need to do now is choose the type of person that you wish to date with and start feeling excited again ☺

As you start searching for your dream date, always remember that others would be interested in you too! Here are a few tips to make your profile stand out:

  • Upload an authentic profile photo. Your profile photo is the primary identity hence the first point of contention for others to dive into your profile.
  • Be descriptive about who you are as a person. Your profile description can cause quite a flutter amongst visitors when written in a descriptive and natural way.
  • Give accurate information about your city/town of stay. This helps the apps to filter and recommend matches for you within the city.
  • Set your preferences correctly. The AI of the apps are smart enough to recommend matches for you based on your preferences.
  • The preferences can be anything: Your interests in either Men, Women or LGBT. Your choice of dating- Sex, Casual, Partner, etc.
  • In other words, input the details of your exact preferences and you would be pleasantly surprised with the match recommendations.
  • Do upload multiple photos in your profile. This gives an insight to the viewer about your life in general.

Well! Well! You are doing quite nicely ☺ I am sure you are all excited and life has started to look bright and shiny again!! And that’s awesome ☺ But one point to remember though. This world has its fair share of gods and demons. To make sure that you don’t end up meeting the latter, here are a few safety precaution tips:

  • While searching for a potential match on the dating apps, do check the person’s profile photo along with other photos if any. Many fakers and scammers often use photos of celebrities or things and in most cases wouldn’t have uploaded any additional pics.
  • Double check the person’s profile with their respective Facebook profile.
  • When physically meeting a person for the first time, do travel in your own transport. That way, if you do feel uncomfortable during the meeting you would have the liberty of leaving anytime you want.
  • Make sure that you have your first date during daylight.
  • Make sure to inform at least one of your friends about the time and venue of your first date.

So here we are! Life is beautiful again and you are raring to go. And that’s precisely how it should be ☺ Don’t ever think about loneliness. Don’t ever think of boredom. Don’t ever think of getting old. Life remains young as long as we remain young at heart ☺ So have a blast…rejoice…and live the best phase of your life today, because life starts at 60!