Monday, October 17

Tips for Travelling Around India

India is one of the destinations on which we receive more consultations, so we wanted to prepare this simple guide to help all travelers who are about to know one of the most interesting, colorful, contradictory and beautiful countries to travel. Everything we write is based on our experience in North India, unless we indicate otherwise. We hope it is useful for everyone!


They say that the one who visits India for the first time, when he returns, is not the same.

India has a special strength, contact with life and leaves the feelings to the surface, as well as being a place where the charm and beauty of the place amazes every step, in addition to the warmth of the people.

In this case, we will tell you what tips you have to take into account when planning your trip to India and once you are enjoying it.

  • Argentine citizens need a visa to enter India; they are processed at the Embassy of India in Argentina, through the On-line modality. By confirmation by mail comes the approval of the visa, which must be printed by the tourist to present.
  • To travel to India, it is not necessary to get vaccinated.
  • Do not be in a hurry to leave the airport, it is the ideal place to change money and organize your next steps with peace of mind.
  • It is convenient to have a part of cash and carry credit cards.
  • The Hindu greeting, Namaste, joining the palms of the hands to the height of the chest, is very welcome, is used to greet, say goodbye, give thanks, ask or pray.
  • If you plan to travel by train within India, book the tickets a few days in advance.
  • In India the thief is frowned upon, it is said that “he will be persecuted by bad luck”, so it will be much more usual that if you lose something you will be returned to being a victim of a robbery.
  • Do not drink water from the tap.
  • Use practical and comfortable clothing.
  • Do not carry your luggage full of clothes, in India it is very cheap and you will be able to go shopping as you get to know each place.
  • If you are a woman, keep in mind not to wear provocative clothes, avoid necklines and thin straps, with this you will show respect for the country’s culture.
  • In domestic trips in India you can only carry one suitcase.
  • It is common for merchants to like bargaining, so if you want to buy for a fair price, you will have to bargain.
  • In India all speak English, so if you handle this language you can communicate without problems.

India will be an unforgettable trip, in which you will discover another look of the world and of yourself!