Tuesday, October 11

Top 10 Apps that Help you in your Everyday Routine

In the tech-savvy world of today, it is only natural that we make the maximum use of technology to make our lives easier and better than before. Some apps are available across a lot of mobile platforms today, which have been developed to improve the quality of our lives. Here is a look at 10 such useful apps that help us in our everyday lives.


It’s an app that you ought to have, especially if your work involves conducting meetings and conferences with people in different cities. This app makes organising meetings a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly features.


If you want to stay connected with your team but want to do away with back and forth emails, Asana is the app for you. This app helps you have a healthy communication with your team, discuss their goals, track their progress and help in overall team building.


You need this app if you are a social media addict. This app will tell you how long you have been on a particular social media site by tracking your usage so that you can reduce the time spent on the same.

Dark Sky

This is an app that predicts weather accurately and tells you the exact time when it is expected to rain or snow, as per the weather in your respective locality. Quite a useful app, indeed!


Do you want a helping hand in organising your work and getting all project-related updates at a single place? Trello is the app that you can trust for this purpose. This easy to use app helps you with better coordination and organisation.

Think Dirty

Is your so-called natural shampoo 100% natural and organic, as advertised? Are there any toxic ingredients in your personal care product? Think Dirty is the app that lets you know these important details with just the barcode of the product.


Is there a lot of traffic on the road that you take to travel to work? Is there an accident that has caused a traffic jam? Waze is the app that gives you real-time traffic updates of your route so that you can plan well to reach your destination on time.


The light that a computer screen displays is quite dangerous for the human eyes. Flux is the app that you can use to naturally adjust this light depending on the time of the day. You can avoid eyesores and headaches that occur due to too much of light exposure, thanks to this app.


You love photography, but you are not a fan of sharing pictures on social media sites such as Instagram. If that’s the case, Camera360 is the right app for you. With over 200 photo filters and 10 modes, you can click away pictures to glory.


If you travel a lot, this app is a great choice for you. This app helps you organise all your travel-related stuff such as hotel bookings, flight bookings, itineraries, etc. in a single place. It also offers you options to choose the most affordable flight for a particular sector.