Monday, October 10

Top 10 Dresses for a Twenty-Something Office Girl

Whenever you hear the word “office wears” you usually think about dull uniforms or outfits. After getting a 9 to 5 job a person spends a lot of time in his/her workplace to earn money for his/her living.

What should you wear during your working hours and why it is necessary to have a good collection of dresses for your professional life? A workplace is clearly not a party floor to boast but it doesn’t mean to wear dumb dresses during working hours.

Your dressing sense matters a lot and if you are a twenty-something office girl then you must make great effort to create your identity in the office crowd that’s why I have made this list of top 10 dresses for a twenty-something office girl.

1.White Shirt


Nothing is more professional than a classic white shirt. A well stitched white shirt can be worn with a pencil skirt, tailored shorts, tailored pants etc.

It can be awesomely paired with blazers and coats. No matter if you are a man or woman, you must have a classic white shirt in your wardrobe. You can pair this white shirt with multiple outfits and can go perfectly with your casual and professional look.

A perfect outfit boosts your confidence. Cover yourself with this classic white shirt and increase the level of productivity at your workplace.

2. An Excellently Tailored Skirt


Adding an excellently tailored skirt in the list of your workplace wardrobe essential will be a great idea. A nice black colored pencil skirt makes you more professional and stylish at the same time.

This piece of cloth is elegantly designed to form your curves without being a little restrictive. It is made of stretch fabric which is very comfortable. Team this great skirt with a pair of heels and nice blouse or blazer or white shirt for a complete professional look.

3. Great Blazer


Blazers are all time favorites and if you don’t have one in your wardrobe you must spend money on buying a nice blazer this year. It can be paired with multiple outfits such as tailored trousers and skirts.

A blazer is an ideal outfit for a corporate life this is one of the fewest clothes which can go fashionably with most of the official outfits. This elegant blazer has one button fastening, dual mock pockets, and nice stitching details.

This smart staple is enough versatile and a perfect outfit for job interviews, office and business meetings.

4. A Perfect Tailored Pant


Tailored outfits were assumed best office wears in the past and this kind of clothing are still favorites to almost every 9 to 5 job holders.

A classic white shirt with perfectly tailored pant makes the best office wear combination. I have included a cuffed hem-peg trouser in this list of top 10 dresses for a twenty-something office girl and this is a must-have item for an office girl.

This peg leg shaped outfit is a high waist pant with an elasticated panel at the back. This pant can go awesomely with a blouse and a pair of heeled sandals. Complete your look with a decent necklace or a statement watch.

5. Pair of Heels


This pair of heels is just perfect for a woman’s office styling and will go awesome with many office outfits. You can team this footwear with both of your casual and formal outfits.

Its 8cm heels, suede upper and pointed toes will add more appeal to your look. It will be really awkward to pair your formal outfits with casual footwear but this black suedette pointed shoes will rock with your party dresses as well as make you feel more comfortable and stylish with your formal outfits at the same time.

6. A Nice Bag


A nice is bag is also a must-have wardrobe essential for a twenty-something office girl. A man can survive in his office without a bag if he doesn’t need to carry a laptop or other equipment but a woman needs a lot of things to carry in her bag.

You must pick a right type of bag for your office which must look professional on the boardroom table and have enough space for your daily needed pieces of stuff as well as for a laptop.

7. Jewelry

An ideal jewelry for a working woman must be statement jewelry as well as enough simple. Make sure to pick a jewelry which must be fuss-free and can be worn multiple times a week.

Save time in the morning by choosing simple jewelry like this gold-tone slip-on earrings. It looks decent and simple enough which you can wear easily on the go.

8.White Tee and Coat


A quality white tee can be paired with a sophisticated coat or a nice blazer and will be a perfect item for your office wardrobe collection.

Make your Fridays more exciting with the team of a white tee, coat, and nice denim. The change of outfit once a week will make you feel more energetic and productive.

9. A Decent Watch


A decent timepiece will add more elegance to your professional look. But why should I invest money in buying a watch, I have an expensive smartphone, you ask?

Your smartphone is no doubt great but looking for time on your smartphone all the time will not be a great idea. I have included a rose gold watch in this list and it will look fabulous on your wrist. This wrist watch has analog clocks, round dial and interchangeable leather straps. This watch is awesomely 30 M water resistance.

10. Denim

I have featured quality jeans so that you can pair it with your untailored office outfits. You can go with untailored clothing pieces at least once a week and quality jeans will be a perfect option.

This is a classic denim straight leg jeans and can be paired with a white tee, long coat, blazer, high heels and light jewellery. Workplaces are really boring and add some elegance to your fantastic dressing sense and choice of outfits.

Final Note:

After being employed we spend a lot of time at our office. A person having great dressing sense get more attention on the office floor but it doesn’t mean to wear a different cloth every single day.

Don’t flood your wardrobe with clothes instead of go for few outfits that can be easily interchanged and gives you a complete look every day without much effort. Most of the outfits listed here can act as a base outfit and will complement other outfits too.