Tuesday, October 11

Top 2 Solutions for Unlocking Locked PDF Files

Summary: Whenever you search for the PDF file unlocking software on the Internet, a lot of tools will be presented on the result page. Then it takes so much time to compare and decide which is the best of all. Here we will do this job for you by listing the top 2 utilities for unlocking locked PDF files. Whether your file is restricted or password protected, you can apply one of the methods.

There are many ways to protect PDF files & one among them is restrictions. When these files are secured, then certain options like printing, copying, editing, signing, commenting gets disabled. Due to this type of security a user is unable to process the PDF document for further use. Hence, it becomes very necessary to remove these kinds of restrictions from PDF files. Therefore, in this write-up, we have discussed two effective solutions that will help you to unlock locked PDF file on Windows OS. Both the solutions are effective in their own way you can select any one of them as per your need.

What are two Programs to Unprotect Protected PDF File

1- SysTools PDF Unlocker
2- Apower PDF

SysTools PDF Unlocker for Unlocking Locked PDF Files

We will suggest this software as the first option to unprotect secured PDF files for this particular article. The reason is that this software allows users to remove restrictions from PDF files without permission password. It won’t ask the user to enter the permission password for the unlocking process. It can easily unlock restricted PDF files copy, edit, print, comment, etc. from PDF files.

Also, if there is a need for unlocking a user-locked PDF file, initially the tool will request the user to enter the user password. Once, the password is added the tool will create a new PDF document which does not contain the password. Moreover, this software can be used on any version of Windows OS i.e. 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. Also, with the business and enterprise license of the program users can unlock protected PDF files in batch.

The program is available in two versions i.e. Demo and Full version. The demo or trial version of the tool can be used for unlocking locked PDF file but, it will add the watermark. Also, the trial version supports to unsecure the single PDF document. While on the other hand, the full version of the software can unprotect protected PDF file without adding any watermark.

To use this software simply browse the PDF files and select the destination location for the resultant PDF document. Now, to begin the process for unlocking locked PDF files click the “Unlock PDF” button. Once, it is done the process completion message is shown. Now, navigate towards the destination location view the resultant document.

Why We Choose it

  • Allows to remove owner level security from PDF files
  • Adobe Acrobat is not required to carry out the process
  • It is not necessary that the PDF permission password must be known
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows Operating systems

Apower PDF Editor Tool to Unprotect Secured PDF

Don’t let the name fool you. This Apower PDF Editor software is a multi-functionality application that will let you to perform multiple tasks on PDF files. Along with editing, you can also use it for unlocking locked PDF files. But, the major drawback of this application is that it will request the user to enter the permission password in order to unprotect protected PDF file. But, if in case it is not known to a user this tool will get fail. Unlike the previous tool, this software cannot generate a preview of the restrictions present in the PDF document. Also, after the process completion, it will not show the status of the PDF permissions.

Why to Choose it

  • Provides other options also for managing the PDF files
  • Simple and easy to use interface


Searching the application for unlocking locked PDF files is quite common among users. There are many people who are unable to find the perfect utility to unprotect protected PDF file. But, this blog will solve the problem of all users as here we have illustrated two simple solutions which can unlock protected pdf files without any difficulty. Users can select any among them as per the requirement.