Monday, October 10

Trump Administration Takes Stand Against Censorship

Yesterday was a huge milestone in the battle against big tech censorship. Early in the morning on August 18th Donald Trump took a major stand. He stated that his administration would not let the voices on the right continue to be silenced.

All major social media sites have been caught recently either shutting down conservative pages or shadowbanning them so they can only reach out to a fraction of their audience. Alex Jones was also completely removed from every single major social media platform with the exception of Twitter. This type of behavior is detrimental to a free and open society and should be considered as election meddling. This type of massive censorship could shift millions of crucial votes across the country in the midterm elections if it is allowed to continue.

The left keeps talking about Russians posting fake news on social media platforms and meddling in our elections. Yet there is no word from them when these companies attempt to silence an entire side of the political spectrum. This type of censorship is more devastating to our country than anything any foreign country could attempt to do to us. As of right now these are only words from the Trump administration, but the fate of our country relies on these words turning into actions.

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