Thursday, October 13

UAE Government Declared Rs.700 Crore in Aid for The Ravaged Kerala ,The Green City of Temples

The  queen  of the  southern states,  Kerala has been trapped  under the peril deluge

Since  8th  of  August. The  public life is  brutally immobilized. 12.47  lakhs of people have lost the  roof over their head, approximately  400 people have lost their lives.14   districts have been perished almost. All  the states have stretched their hands to provide  aids for relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction of the  devastated Kerala due to the worst and most fatal natural  calamity of this century.

Not  only the  states but  the UAE or  the United Arab  Emirates has promised  to extend an assistance   of Rs. 700 crore for reconstruction  effort of the perilous flood effected Road,  Air , and Railway tracks.

Abu Dhabi  Crown Prince  and Deputy Supreme  Commander Sheikh Mohammad  Bin Syed Al Nahyan has communicated  to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he  has taken decision to provide assistance  to Kerala,When Gulf –based industrialist M.A.Yusuffali  called on the Crown Prince.’’ Said Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi  Vijayan to the reporters in Thiruvananthapuram. And Mr. Vijayan thanked  UAE President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Syed Al Nahyan ,the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince ,and  Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for the generous  gesture with great admiration.

But  the Central  Government has  denied to take the  aid from UAE Government  as it is against the Government’s   policy or act.

According  to the Union  Ministers sayings  the central Government  had accepted the hard and  fast rule that no foreign aid  would be accepted since 2004 under  the administration of the Prime Minister Manmohan  Singh. The rule had been strictly followed during  the fatal natural disaster demolished the southern metro  city Chennai.Union Government has refused the aid from UAE  Government as it is the below their dignity or the Dog in  the manger policy.

The  Chief  Minister  of Kerala,  Mr. Vijayan further  clarified that the first  most country UAE has stepped  up to form an emergency committee  to provide assistance to the flood-ravaged  state, Kerala for reconstruction as the strong  bonding tie up between UAE and Kerala since so  many years ago. 3 million Indians are residing in  UAE , 30% population of the same country as it was  estimated.80% are Keralites among them.

So  it was  amicable fact  for both the Governments  whether to offer the help  by UAE Government or to turn  down the foreign help by the Union  Government.