Tuesday, October 11

What are the Features of Donation Software and How You Can Utilise it on Your Firm?

Fundraising software is a hub which is mainly used by the non-profit organizations to track the fundraising data and other financial activities. The software is simple to use. NGOs, churches and other non-profit organizations are the purchasers of this software. The software users mainly request the donors to donate money to raise funds for the needy people. The examples of most popular donation software are Donor Tool, eTapestry, ClubRunner, TidyHQ, Quickbook Non-profits, iMIS Donor Management, Givelify, Donor View and many more. The software is primarily cloud-based and it saves the time of the firms.

The features of the donation software are primarily based on the purposes of using the software. The purposes are mainly divided into the fund rising basis and the managerial basis. The features are discussed below:

Data Management: It is nothing but a constituent Relations Management process. It supports the custom field and screens, relational ‘household’ records, cross-references codes, address verification, global data replacements, quick count, and totals, user-based security per feature, page records, and field data. The members can receive renewal notices, statistical analyses, member list, and reports.

Fundraising: This is the crucial feature of the donation software. It covers the targeted mailing, unlimited online forms for donations, contract manager, Constituent Relations management and it also hosted file storage to attach the documents and records of all the fundraising details.

Reporting and analyzing: reporting analyzing the dashboard reports which include the key fundraising metrics, customization by the client’s requirements and many more. It also coves the report center which offers one central hub for all reporting needs.

Integration Tools: Integration tools cover the accounting interface, XML API integration toolkit and export the reports in PDF formats. It also partners with the DPConnect which connects the integration to expand fundraising options to save time.

Advantages and disadvantages of Donation Software Disadvantages:

– The software is pretty expensive. Therefore, various companies cannot afford to install the software to manage their fundraising details.

-The software requires continuous maintenance and up gradation.


– The donation software keeps the fundraising data intact with the upgraded features of this software.

– It protects the personal liability of the fundraising firms.

– It is the QuickBooks interface. Thus it allows the third party to solve the complications in accounting.

– It synchronizes the real-time data with the websites with other applications.

– WordPress donation software is one of the great examples which serves the best features and very inexpensive to purchase.


Fundraising software works as a medium between the non-profit organizations and the donors. The simple interface helps the users to get the donation swiftly, and the all-in-one management system supports the organizations to work hassle-free. The software is primarily cloud-based and besides helps to collect donations, it also a great platform of communication which can be used for both national and international clients.